10 Foreplay Tips For Women

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: December 27, 2014

1. Warmup


  • Give him a massage when he gets home from a stressful day at work.
  • Add scents and candles for a relaxing, seductive atmosphere.

2. Watching you undress


  • When you get home from work / a night out, slowly undress in front of him or whilst your walking out the room, drop your dress.

3. Whisper in his ear


  • A massive turn on! The warmth of your breath will tickle his nerve endings – use your tongue and teeth to nibble.

4. Dirty talk


  • Ask him if he ‘likes that’ or ’touch me here’… you get the jist 😉

5. Bite his bottom lip


  • When caressing him in with kisses, tug at his bottom lip gently whilst gliding your hands up and down the rest of his body slowly.

6. Get closer


  • Push your body closer to him so he can feel your breasts brushing against your chest, and your pelvis against him – he’ll be begging for it!

7. No heating


  • Purposely don’t put the heating on. It’ll bring you both closer together – you’ll end up warming each other up 😉

8. Less, is more


  • Don’t go overboard on dressing up, less is more sometimes. And what don’t get a man feeling hot than seeing a woman in a little silk babydoll with a bit of lace – with nothing else on…

9. Incorporate food, like whipped cream


  • Always a good way to get the excitement started, and it’s different to the norm.

10. Pleasure yourself


  • Nothing will turn him on more then watching you pleasure yourself. Take his hand and let him help you…