10 Spontaneous Places To Have Sex

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: December 16, 2014

1. Elevator


  1. Definitely not during rush hour (mornings and late afternoons). The best bet is in the middle of the night.
  2. Try and make sure it’s in a tall building to have at least a bit of time to fulfil those needs of yours.
  3. If you’re feeling really dangerous, hit the emergency button to stop the lift 😉 Just be sure to be finished before the emergency services arrive!


2. Car


  1. Wait till it’s dark enough for the windows to steam up so passers by can’t catch you.
  2. Choose a parking lot, a good parking space somewhere not so busy or a poorly lit road.
  3. Try and wear more accessible clothing that you can take off quickly – but sometimes it’s hotter if you leave some pieces of clothing on


3. Jacuzzi


  1. Make sure you use lube – a must!
  2. Mix up the positions
  3. Make sure that the temperature is comfortably hot


4. Office


  1. Do it late at night.
  2. Check for security cameras so you’re not caught.
  3. Wear clothes that can go on and come off quickly
  4. Make sure you lock up when you’re done


5. Limo


  1. Make sure the window is pulled up before you start the fun.
  2. You could tip the limo driver £100 to keep it on the hush.
  3. Clean up the mess after. It’ll save you having to put out more money on cleaning services.


6. Ferris Wheel


  1. Do it as late into the night as possible.
  2. Tip the ride attendant saying “We’d love to ride alone”…
  3. Bring a blanket, or use a jacket to keep yourselves covered and not so “out in the open”. It could save you being caught by other’s on the ride and prevent them complaining.


7. Public Toilets


  1. Choose a bathroom that’s the least busy – disabled is a popular choice.
  2. Try getting yourselves aroused for it before hand.
  3. Dress appropriately for it – it’s a quickie, so make sure your clothes are easy to get off. The best thing to wear would be a skirt so you can hike it up quickly.


8. On A Boat


  1. Depending on what style of boat you’re on will change the sex positions. If you’re on a big boat or speed boat, try doggy style whilst your in control of the boat.
  2. If you’re on a small boat, like a rowing boat, just be careful you don’t rock it so much that you both fall into the water.
  3. Do it at night – unless you want more excitement, then do it during the day!


9. Fitting Room


  1. Men’s dressing rooms are easier than women’s as men will stand out more trying to get into the girl’s rooms.
  2. If there’s a chair, it would make thing’s a little more comfortable. If not, get him to grab you, put you against the wall and fuck you that way.
  3. The larger the dressing room, the better.


10. Cinema


  1. Ideal position would be her sitting on top of you facing the screen.
  2. If she’s a screamer… or he is, maybe choose to see a horror film instead of a quiet romance.
  3. Make sure you don’t make TOO much noise. Hold their mouth if they’re being too loud – unless of course, you want to get caught


How many of these can you already check off the list?