How many of these Sexual Bucket List Ideas Have You Done?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: December 19, 2014

We’ve decided to come up with 29 ideas for a sexual bucket list. Just add up the scores of how many you’ve completed to see how many you have left to complete before you kick the bucket  The maximum possible score is: 66

  1. Have a threesome (5pts)

  2. Join the mile-high club (5pts)

  3. Role-play (1pt)

  4. Play strip poker (1pt)

  5. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner (Practice safe sex!) (3pts)

  6. Have sex in a sauna (3pts)

  7. Oral sex with mints (1pt)

  8. Skinny dipping (2pts)

  9. Sex in the ocean with people around you (2pts)

  10. Have sex in a public place (2pts)

  11. Have anal sex (2pts)

  12. Kiss another girl (at least) (3pts)

  13. Make a sex tape (3pts)

  14. Have multiple orgasms, after another, and after another (2pts)

  15. Car sex (2pts)

  16. Fuck in every room in your place (1pt)

  17. Have sex in an elevator / give him a quick blow job (4pts)

  18. Have sex at work during your break (4pts)

  19. Fuck with someone watching you (4pts)

  20. Use sex toys (1pt)

  21. Temperature play (1pt)

  22. Food play (1pt)

  23. Have sex on the hood of your car (2pts)

  24. Show up to his wearing just lingerie under your coat (2pts)

  25. Experience a water-pressure orgasm (1pt)

  26. Try a two-player sex toy (2pts)

  27. Dominate (3pts)

  28. Heels only! (1pt)

  29. Give him your knickers on a night out with him (2pts)