5 Other Actors Who Could Have Played Christian Grey

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: February 18, 2015

1. Ryan Gosling

I think all women’s dreams were shattered when they found out Ryan Gosling wasn’t going to play Christian Grey. Although, he was the directors first choice to play the billionaire with a need for S&M. Apparently he simply wasn’t interested in the role.


2. Matt Bomer

He wasn’t asked to cast in Fifty Shades, but fans went crazy as they wanted him to take Christian Grey’s role. They even created an online petition to cast the actor in the most buzzed about erotic movie.
 matt bomer

3. Chris Pine

The sexy Chris Pine hasn’t even read the 50 Shades of Grey books *gasp*! He also said he wouldn’t play Christian Grey, but apparently changed his mind two days later.


4. Josh Duhamel

Then there’s Josh Duhamel. With his gorgeous dark brown hair, that rough stubble look and looks great in whatever he is wearing. Why wouldn’t he have made the perfect Christian Grey?

5. Chris Hemsworth

Apparently Chris Hemsworth was quite shy about the BDSM parts in the film, which is why he wasn’t keen on taking the role of Mr.Grey.