An Affair with the Boss: Sexual Dynamite and Career Suicide

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: July 16, 2014

have an affair with your boss

Should you have an affair with your boss? We look over what the implications are and compare them to having an affair with the no strings attached members on Marital Affair.

So, you’re sitting at a hotel bar with a couple of co-workers and your boss. You’re hundreds of miles from home, and you’ve just nailed a presentation that brought a multimillion pound contract to your firm. You did the research, and your delivery brought it home. In the morning, you’re hopping on a plane back home, but for the time being, the four of you are sharing a magnum of champagne, savouring the moment.

Then, the two other co-workers look at their mobile phones and wander off toward the lift, a little unsteady but ready to go upstairs and call their wives. You still have half a glass of bubbly to down, and when you turn to look at your boss, you notice — not for the first time — how deep blue her eyes are. Her charcoal grey suit fits her perfectly. Suddenly, you notice that she’s staring back with an inquisitive smile. You open your mouth to excuse yourself for the night, but suddenly you notice her hand on your thigh.

What do you do? You haven’t been getting any sex at home, because your wife just had twins about four months ago, and they’re still snuggled into their shared crib about four feet from your bed and they’re still not sleeping all the way through the night. Your wife is still attractive, but it’s been a while since she put on anything satin or silky, and you bet there’s something sexy in your boss’ suitcase upstairs.

But here’s the deal. You have two choices: pat your boss’ hand, smile and say good night, before anything else can happen, or take her upstairs and spend the night shagging until it’s time to check out. If you take Option A, you get no sex, but you also get none of these potential horrors:

1. You are lousy in bed. Hey, it happens to all guys now and then, particularly after a long dry spell. You either can’t get it up right away (maybe you’re having guilty thoughts, maybe you had too much champagne, maybe you’ve had too many late nights at the office and not enough hours at the gym), or you finish in like 20 seconds. Your boss is pissed, you’re embarrassed, and things are going to be awkward at best.

2. You end up having hot sex all night…and every night at work. So your erotic dreams come true, but now your boss wants you in her office at 5:30 every afternoon. How do you say no without risking the sack? Having an affair is one thing, but having it with someone who can fire you is a big problem.

3. You get caught. One night around 6:00, you think everyone’s gone home, and you’ve got her bent over the desk, but her secretary comes back in because she forgot the zip drive that you guys knocked onto the floor. Your company’s management finds out, you’re out of a job, and you might be divorced too.

So when it comes to your boss, keep it in your pants. You’re both better off that way. Even if she is really hot, instead find a married sex partner on Marital Affair and have a discreet, no strings attached hookup that will not have any of the comebacks that having that one night of passion with your boss will cause.