Affair Dating On Social Media? The Biggest Mistake!

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: August 7, 2014

online dating mistakes

Affair dating is supposed to be hot, exciting, fulfilling and most importantly discreet! However, beginning and conducting an affair dating primarily on a social media site, just about ensures the whole world has the potential to hear about it. Many people don’t intend to meet the person that they chat to on Twitter or Facebook, but even having an on-line, no real-life contact affair can have devastating effects on your life.

The Kids See It

So you have been friended by a friend-of-a-friend-of-Aunt-Susie’s-ex-hairdresser and you start to engage in some light banter. They seem interesting enough, maybe even sharing some of your own likes and dislikes. Before you know it you’re instant messaging them and, as things progress, downloading the social media app on your smart phone so you won’t miss any of their messages. Trouble is neither are the kids. In today’s fast-paced world you can just about guarantee that at some point you are going to lay your phone down or leave your computer screen on, and the kids will see hot messages being exchanged between you and someone who isn’t their other parent. Bad idea!

The Boss Sees It

Getting carried away with cutesy messages on a social media site equals potential career disaster. Bosses frequently ask for, or search out, social media information about their employee’s. While belonging to a few eyebrow-raising causes or groups won’t necessarily stop your promotion, or worse get you fired, dirty talking to someone in such a way that could cause embarrassment to your boss, can.  Having co-workers, friends or acquaintances that know your boss on your social media list just about guarantees that the boss will hear of it sooner or later!

You Feel Over Exposed

Whether this affair dating on social media is long, hot and passionate or short and dismal, you will end up feeling over exposed if it is conducted in front of an audience. On social media sites we tend to use our real names, and give out quite a lot of information about ourselves. When these types of affairs go awry, the situation can get awkward.

Cutting someone loose from your social media site leaves you open to gossip and questions, especially if the other party was well known to several of your friends and acquaintances. Affairs are not supposed to fuel the gossip mill, and people will begin to look at you differently.

You Lose The Sense of Purpose

Many social media sites are for the purposes of reconnecting – making friends and furthering your career. When an affair forms, the purpose of the site becomes compromised, and your reason for being there and participating becomes incredibly difficult. You cannot maintain professionalism if your reasons for being there have changed.

The Affair May Never Really Occur 

Perhaps the greatest problem with carrying out an affair on a social media site is the physical distance between you and the object of your desires.  After a while, hot steamy messages, innuendo and cutesy icons will not suffice; you will start to pine away thinking how and when you could possibly meet to take your fantasies into the real world. In reality, most people on social media sites never meet, and this can lead to possible depression or even crazy behaviour.

There are many fulfilling ways to go about having a discreet affair, where both parties understand the score, are prepared to engage in a short-term, hot, passionate relationship and still lead normal lives. Acting out an on-line affair on social media, can result in getting caught, damaging friendships or getting fired, all of which make it a very bad idea! Why not stick to Marital Affair and stay away from the prying eyes of others.