Why Are Affairs on the Rise for Married Men?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: February 10, 2014

Affairs are rarely out of the headlines and it seems that every day a new famous face is caught with their trousers down, but what does it take for a married man to play away and begin married dating, is there a particular ‘Type’ that’s more likely to embark on an affair?

Male Affairs

Maritalaffair.co.uk is one of the UK’s leading married dating sites with a 600,000 strong membership. The site is free for women and receives more than 35,000 visitors every day, whilst 700 new members sign up on a daily basis.

In the internet age, people have much more opportunity to find someone to have an affair with which makes it easier for people to go out there and seek an illicit encounter rather than falling into one. But what exactly is attracting so many men to sign up to Marital Affair and give married dating a go? We spoke to two of our members to find out.John is from Dover. He joined Marital Affair a year ago after many years of sexual dissatisfaction.

‘I’m a red blooded male and I need sex on a regular basis, but after a few years of marriage with my wife the sex slowed down until it had practically stopped. I tried discussing the problem with my wife but she made it clear that she simply wasn’t that interested in having sex with me anymore. I love my wife and didn’t want to leave her but I couldn’t face the prospect of a lifetime without sexual intimacy either, so I decided to bite the bullet and give Marital Affair a go. For the first few months after joining I just chatted, but after a while I got talking to someone who I really wanted to meet. She was married too but very lonely and was looking for a companion to spend time with. As soon as we met face to face I knew we would have an affair. We’ve been seeing each other regularly for a year and both feel much more content in our relationships and general life.

Dean is from Birmingham. He joined the site after feeling neglected by his partner.

‘My partner got a new job which meant she spent weeks at a time overseas. Whilst our sex life was ok, it had never been as stimulating as I’d like and when my wife became pretty much absent, I decided to look for something to stave off loneliness and get me the affection I was craving. I was pleasantly surprised by just how many nice women I ended up chatting to on Marital Affair and since I joined I’ve has one or two dates which have led to something more. I enjoy myself, my wife is none the wiser and I feel like I make a better husband now because I’m not always obsessing about sex and my wife and I can concentrate on spending quality time together in other ways.