Are Married Dating Sites Less Risky Than Unplanned Affairs?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: June 4, 2015


Affairs can begin in two basic ways. The first is a planned affair where you deliberately start on a journey looking for a sexual relationship outside of your marriage. The second is an unplanned affair that usually begins when you meet someone you are attracted to at work, within your social circle or on a night out. The question is which is riskier – married dating or an unplanned affair?

Mutual contacts

People interested in married dating usually have no prior connection and meet by placing adult personals or joining an adult dating site. It is unlikely that they know the same people or mix within the same circles. Couples who start an unplanned affair will normally have prior connections and are likely to have mutual contacts, friends or work colleagues. They may even know each other’s spouses. Naturally, this increases the risk of being seen by people who know you or your partner and also of people becoming suspicious of your actions or behaviour.

Emotional commitment

When two people plan to indulge in a little adult dating, it is likely that they both have the same expectations from the experience. In most cases, the main motivation is sex. Neither one will want any emotional commitment from the other. On the other hand, if you begin an unplanned affair with someone you know, then emotions are more likely to come into play. It is possible that you will feel an emotional connection even before the affair begins. This makes it much riskier than married dating, especially if one party feels more emotionally involved than the other.

Spouse discovering affair

One of the greatest risks of having an affair, no matter how it starts, is your partner finding out. One way that this may happen is if the person you are having an affair with decides to spill the beans and tell your spouse. If you have embarked on married dating through a married dating site such as Marital Affair, the person you have been having a sexual relationship will probably have as much to lose as you do. They will want to be discreet about the affair and will have started it with the sole intention of having fun. However, an unplanned affair is a different matter. If this gets serious and the person you are having an affair with starts to want more than just fun, they may tell your partner about the affair or use the disclosure as a threat or a blackmailing tool.

Overall, a planned affair started using an adult dating site is much less risky than an unplanned affair with someone you know. The predominant reasons for this are that you are less likely to have mutual friends or colleagues, you will have less emotional commitment and there is a lower risk of your partner finding out about the affair. So, if you’re after a little extramarital fun, your best bet is to sign up to Marital Affair today!