The art of seducing women when using married dating sites

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: April 11, 2014

If you are interested in married dating just for sex, your chances are comparatively reduced somewhat unless you are some hot hunk with the looks of George Clooney. If you are just an average looking Brit, you would want to know what the right approach is to seducing women. It is easy to hold an interesting conversation with any woman, but will you be able to get her in to bed? That is the question.

man seducing married woman

Attraction is the first step in married dating attraction is the very first step you need to take. This is because, unless this step works, the others will not. So, if you first get her attracted to yourself, the rest of the steps will fall into place. However, this does not mean that you have to look drop dead gorgeous. It simply means that you have to look the best you can. Just try clothing yourself in something that is fashionable and then you can be sure that she is going to like you; anything you know will work with the ladies; whatever gets a lady’s eyes rolling. 

 Step two is physical contact with married dating

Let us say you are speaking to a woman and you suddenly start having a fun conversation; this is the right time for physical contact. This is where you should ideally start touching her wrists to emphasise your points. The important part to remember though is that you should look for the right amount of comfort; just don’t do it out of turn. This might just annoy her and you don’t want that to happen. Another thing to remember in married dating is that if she keeps shying away then she is probably just not interested in making love with you. She could be shy, she could be tired or she could just be a virgin who doesn’t want to go that way. So, know the signs when you see them, don’t initiate physical contact with these kinds of women.

 Move to a private location

Now this step could be a little tricky because this is where you have to get the lady to trust you. If she is the sort of person who won’t trust you, you might have to make do with kissing her. If you can get her to more of a private location, you will have nailed it and your online adventure is on its way to being successful.

 Be passionate in your kisses 

From the very first kiss in, you could be saying an awful lot about yourself. When you have established a fair amount of physical contact and intimacy, just go for the kill after staring into her eyes for a while. Kiss her gently. Don’t just ram your tongue down her throat; instead caress her lips with yours. After this first kiss, it is essential you read the following section to learn more about the follow-through in married dating.

 The follow through can make or break it 

Here the key which you should keep in mind, it is her pleasure not yours. It is essential to draw her close to yourself. After you have kissed her for a good period of time, you could start with the gullet of her neck. Running your mouth over this area in a passionate manner can really turn her on. Simultaneously lug at her hair gently and run your hands down her back to her lower hips. Hold her tight and then the rest can follow.

Another rule of thumb to watch out for is gentleness. Men are often unaware of the impact their hands are having on a ladies’ body. So, remember to just go slow and be gentle.