Avoiding Emotional Attachment When Adult Dating

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: August 5, 2015


When most people decide to try adult dating, it is something they want to do purely for the physical side of a relationship. They do not want any emotional commitment; just no strings attached sex. However, developing a bond with someone, and this becoming an emotional attachment, is one of the risks associated with this type of dating. Here are some tips on how you can avoid emotional attachment:

Be clear about your expectations

When you are completing your profile information on an adult personals site, you should make it clear that you are only looking for a sexual relationship. If you are direct about this, you are more likely to attract like-minded people who want the same thing. By meeting someone who is also looking for no strings attached sex you are less likely to run the risk of developing an emotional relationship with them.

Choose Your Partner Carefully

The same sorts of rules apply when you are browsing through other people’s profiles. Check to see if their profile says what they are expecting before getting in contact. Only message those who have similar expectations of sex dating as you. Getting that first message right is important too, set the precedent and be clear in your indications. If their profile does not specify their expectations of adult dating, it’s best to ask them this when you first get in touch to clarify where they stand on the issue.

Switch partners

One situation that can lead to an emotional attachment when you are adult dating is staying with the same sexual partner for too long. If you are worried that you are getting too close and developing a relationship beyond sex, then it is important to move on to another partner. It is important to be able to recognise both a change in your feelings and those of your dating partner. If you are worried about how the relationship is developing, then ending it with you sex partner might be a necessary step you have to take.

Keep dates casual

Another tip when sex dating is to keep all of your dates fun and casual. Opt for situations that don’t involve romantic settings or too much intimacy. These can impact on both how you and your sex partner feel about the relationship. You might unwittingly be giving your date the wrong impression about what you want. Instead, keep the conversation light with your affair dating partner and avoid talking about your feelings. If you are having troubles in your long-term relationship, this is another topic to avoid as it implies that you want to involve your sex partner in your life and your emotions.

Adult dating can be great fun, but one of the risks you face is developing an emotional attachment to your dating partner. This can cause complications, especially if you are only looking for a physical relationship from the experience. By using the aforementioned tips, you can take steps to avoid this situation arising.