‘Bad Sex’ to Blame for Women Cheaters, Says New Survey

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 28, 2013

woman having terrible sexOur new survey has been counted and verified and the results are in, so here we go! 79.2% of female cheaters put their philandering down to bad sex.

The comprehensive survey which questioned over 10000 women found that 25-34 year old women are the most likely group to look for an extramarital affair, a typical tryst lasts between one and three months and 77% of cheating women still love their partner. 

However, perhaps the most surprising find from the survey was that most women don’t seek affairs due to a lack of love, attention or money worries. It found that 79.2% of unfaithful females are having an affair simply because their sex life with their partner isn’t up to scratch.

The survey, which questioned 10,245 female site members, provides a telling snapshot of the changing face of infidelity which is on the rise both globally and in the UK. Our head researcher for the survey commented that women are gaining more power in the workplace and are no longer willing to accept a poor bedroom performance from their long term partner.

The survey found that just over 35% of the women questioned were aged between 25 and 34, whilst 30.4% were aged between 35 and 44. The MA research team went on to explain that the female attitude to infidelity is ‘changing fast’, going on to say that cheating can no longer be described as a ‘male preserve’, adding that the internet, social media and smart phones have made it easier than ever to cheat both online and in the flesh.

But the majority of women don’t want an affair to spell the end of their long term relationship. 79.6% of those surveyed insisted that they still loved their partners or husbands whilst only 4.9% claimed to be in love with the person they were cheating with and a massive 88.4% stating that they did not want to split from their partner.

However, when it comes to one night stands men and women still differ. The average female affair lasts between one and three months and only 19% of those surveyed said they would consider a one night stand whilst 69% of those who had cheated had done so with one or two people as opposed to a series of different partners, which is more common amongst male cheaters.

The MA research team went on to say that whilst female cheaters prefer to embark on longer extramarital relationships with fewer people, the female ability to multi-task makes it easier for women to have a husband and a simultaneous affair and keep it under wraps.