Are Members of the Upper Class More Likely to Have an Affair?

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There are times when it seems as if the only people engaging in extramarital affairs are those with money.  Let’s face it, you rarely hear about the couple down the street getting caught up in a cheating scandal.  Conversely, you can name several members of the upper class that have been involved in an affair.  From Rupert Sanders to Prince Charles, once you begin thinking of names, the list is endless.  Nevertheless, is this correct?  Are members of the upper class more likely to become involved in an affair?  Let’s explore this further.

upper class more likely to have an affair

The facts​

​According to countless surveys and reports, as well as expert opinion, this is a fact.  A study reported in The Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy found that approximately 50% of women and 60% of men will engage in at least one affair during their marriage.  It is difficult to pinpoint specific statistics based on income.  However, experts in the field of extramarital affairs agree that wealthy individuals, both male and female, are more likely to find themselves engaged in more than one relationship.  Read More

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An Affair with the Boss: Sexual Dynamite and Career Suicide

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Should you have an affair with your boss? We look over what the implications are and compare them to having an affair with the no strings attached members on Marital Affair.

So, you’re sitting at a hotel bar with a couple of co-workers and your boss. You’re hundreds of miles from home, and you’ve just nailed a presentation that brought a multimillion pound contract to your firm. You did the research, and your delivery brought it home. In the morning, you’re hopping on a plane back home, but for the time being, the four of you are sharing a magnum of champagne, savouring the moment.

have an affair with your boss

Then, the two other co-workers look at their mobile phones and wander off toward the lift, a little unsteady but ready to go upstairs and call their wives. You still have half a glass of bubbly to down, and when you turn to look at your boss, you notice — not for the first time — how deep blue her eyes are. Her charcoal grey suit fits her perfectly. Suddenly, you notice that she’s staring back with an inquisitive smile. You open your mouth to excuse yourself for the night, but suddenly you notice her hand on your thigh.

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Tips On One Night Stands

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One night stands are simply the best kind of adult dating to get rid of the emotional drama that serious relationships call for. A one night stand means spending a superb night with a hot partner without any fear of maintaining any kind of relationships. There are many men and women who love one night stands and are waiting for someone like you.

adult dating one night stand

Committed relationships are becoming outdated. One night stands are Read More

“Why Are You Late?” Know the Excuse Before You Get There

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When you’re having an affair, you can find yourself not getting home when you should. You really want to hook-up with them, but it interferes with your schedule. So you decide to just not head home like you are supposed to. If you don’t prepare yourself with a solid excuse, your secret affair risks exposure. Here are some ideas that are sure to keep you out of the hot seat when you go missing from home.

get excuses ready for affair

Believability is your only friend

Your excuse needs to be believable. You need to make up an excuse that would actually take up the length of time that you were missing. Getting stuck in traffic, helping someone with a flat tyre, or you just lost track of time may not always satisfy the person at home. Try excuses like this:

• Come in with flowers and say ‘I had to hunt all over town to get these’.

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How to Find Sex Partners On Online Adult Dating Sites?

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Men and women are so caught up in their work and other things that relaxation is hard to come by. Casual sex and one night stands are on the rise in terms of adult dating. These concepts are gaining massive popularity with millions of people going this way with their relationships. Lifestyles are hectic and in such a case the stress of a serious relationship is undesirable. Both men and women look for extreme adventure and fun in life. So, going the sex way is what they finally look for.

online dating

People running from commitment can find the best satisfaction through casual sex. While finding a local sex partner was difficult earlier, with the onset of online adult dating sites, this problem has ended. Read More

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What does your job say about your fidelity?

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Did you know that certain sectors of the employment industry are more likely to cheat on their partners than others? Research has shown that those involved in extracurricular activity are more likely to come from the higher ranges of the salary scale.

This probably isn’t that surprising when you think of some of the financial implications that go along with having an affair in 21st century. After all, no one goes to the trouble of having an affair just to get the same humdrum routine that they can find at home now do they? No, when it comes to having an affair, and doing things properly, having a few quid on the hip is always going to come in handy. Champagne, hotels – some may even splash out on foreign travel – all cost money. So which profession puts it about the most? Let’s take a look in reverse order.

work and sex

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Why affairs can help save your marriage

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Many people see affairs as marriage breakers. No one has any sympathy for the adulterer, nor do they try to understand why the infidelity occurred in the first place. However, the mere fact that someone has had an affair can actually save a marriage instead of harm it.

cheating can save marriage

In what ways can an affair help a marriage?

Your affair can add a new energy to your marriage. There comes a point in a marriage where people can begin to stagnate. They may feel that they are purely going through the motions; they’re just not happy or content – they are just there, not giving their all in a relationship. This may be because they do not have a strong emotional connection for the marriage anymore, but quite often it can be that they just need to spice things up a bit, and get some of their old energy back. An affair can be therapeutic to the person who feels this way. It will give them clarity and the ability to jolt themselves out of their inertia.

The second reason an affair can actually help your marriage is the fact that it shows you that there is something missing in your marriage. Good people cheat because they are lacking a fundamental need from their partner. This lack can be emotional, physical or a combination of both. There are four types of infidelity. What type of infidelity you partake in can help guide you to why you are cheating.

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Generation cheat: The UK is taking a shine to extramarital affairs

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There’s no doubt about it – over the last couple of decades the UK has become a far more sexually adventurous and liberated society, that has been reflected in a great number of surveys looking into how many of us engage in extramarital affairs. Once upon a time the fairy-tale ideal of a marriage – happy or not – being exclusive for life was the only mantra out there, even though there’s no doubt that most people didn’t believe it. ‘Keeping up appearances’ was what the marriage game was all about, with the consequence of literally millions of unhappy, unfulfilled and sexually frustrated partnerships. Thankfully the latest UK infidelity statistics suggest that we have thrown off our shackles (and put on our furry handcuffs!). british couples having affairs When it comes to matters of the heart it’s essential to approach all such surveys with a pinch of salt, for people take such questioning more personally than any other. This is understandable, after all who doesn’t imagine themselves as a sexual Venus or Lothario? However the good news is that there is an unmistakable trend that suggests a staggeringly high number of married people – of all ages – have, or are, engaged in some form of extramarital affair.

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Married? Look for a friend with benefits

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For some people, the person they married has sexual chemistry and attraction that lasts as long as they are together. For others, though, sex falls by the wayside after a while, and while both partners get along well, and they enjoy their lives together, the sex isn’t sizzling like it could be.

Looking for a married datinf partner

If this is you, you’re not alone. There are plenty of other married people like you, both men and women, who love their spouses but also want more in the bedroom than what they are getting right now.

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So, Which Country Has The Most Sex?

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If countries had a mouth, lips, tongue and a vocal box you could be sure that the answer to this question would be a unanimous worldwide ‘We do! We do!’ Well, sadly the majority of them would be disappointed as a number of international surveys led by the global contraceptive brand Durex have concluded that some of us are definitely getting much – much – more than others! Of course, here we are talking about how frequently we are engaging in the act of sex rather than how long, passionate or necessarily good it was, but there has to be some truth to the old adage that of you throw darts, soon enough you’ll hit the bull’s-eye. And no – the UK didn’t make the top ten….

top 5 countries for sex

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