Is Your Married Affair Leading to More than Just Sex

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You’ve been in an extramarital affair that has been based upon mutual sexual attraction for some time, but something has changed.  For some reason you don’t have the same feelings for your man (if you are having an affair with a married man).  You may wonder what is happening.  Could it be possible that your affair is becoming about more than just sex? There are some tell-tale signs that may signal the sexy romps with your married partner are transforming into a different kind of marital affair that you may not have intended on having.

How to distinguish the sex only affair
These married affairs are mainly based upon sex and lust with little emotional attachment between the partners. The relationship can be intense, particularly in the beginning, but the fire is usually short in duration and fizzles out over time.  Sex only marital affairs couples don’t usually have a lot to talk about and go on with their own separate and private lives with the exception of their intimate rendezvous meetings.   Read More

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Smart Phones are changing the Way We Cheat

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For those of us who are in the married affair dating game, there are great new advances in technology that are making it easier than ever to connect with people and stay better in touch. It is a fact that smart phones are changing the way that we cheat on our partners. New and improved applications are available that help us maintain a higher level of privacy and keep snooping spouses from tracking our activities through our smart phones.

using smartphones to cheat

Old cell phone technology vs. increased privacy measures

Up until recently, it was fairly easy to take a peek at all activity that took place on a cell phone. The call history kept track of all previous calls, both incoming and outgoing. While this is still true, and it pays to be careful, there are several new apps that are designed to carefully hide private calls from suspicious eyes.

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Phubbing on a Date: How to Escape a Mobile Phone Addict

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Phubbing is the new social snubbing. A newly coined term, it refers to someone who would rather check their mobile phone than have a conversation with you. When this happens on a date the fall out can be fast and furious. When we speak with some of our married affair dating members they make it clear that dating a repeated ‘phubber’ – someone who just can’t leave their phone alone – leads to distrust which can rapidly become disgust!

Stop Phubbing Your Date

Let’s face it, most of us in the western world are addicted to technology and our mobile phones are no exception. Not only are our contacts on there, but our social networking apps and calendars are too. Once upon a time, a date at the movies, dinner or the theatre meant you got someone’s undivided attention, but not anymore. With the advent of the smart phone some seventeen years ago, the iPhone seven years ago and the iPad four years ago; face to face interaction is taking a back seat to technology.

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Why We Cheat

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In today’s world, cheating is not uncommon.  In fact, according to a report released in 2013, approximately 44 percent of marriages in the UK have been effected by married affair dating.  So, if almost no one enters into a marriage with the intent of cheating on their spouse later, why do so many people end up involving adult dating?  Let’s explore the most common reasons people seek relationships outside of their marriage.

why we cheat

  • Let’s start with sex 

For most men, sex is a huge motivating factor.  However, there are more reasons than simply not getting enough at home.  In some instances, they want to try something different and they don’t think their partner would be willing to accommodate their desires.  For others, particularly those in a long term relationship, there is a longing to have sex with somebody different.  There are also times when a man engages in an affair merely because the opportunity presents itself.

For most women, sex is not their primary reason for engaging in a romance on the side.  Although, there are women who are in it only for the sexual thrill, others are looking to fill an emotional void. 

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Biggest ‘Turn Ons’ for Women on Affair Dating

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When it comes to affair dating, women and men are very different. However that doesn’t mean that women are a mystery. Everyone likes to feel valued and desirable. By showing her the right amount of attention, respect and consideration, you can build up an attraction and make sure that you keep her interested in you.

Biggest Turn Ons for Women

  •  Be a gentleman 

Chivalry isn’t dead yet, and it is actually a big turn on. Women love attention, and when you are a perfect gentleman they will find you very hard to resist. Be sure to compliment them, flirt with them and don’t forget to pull out chairs and open doors whenever possible. Chivalry isn’t just a parlour trick; it shows a woman you are considerate and thoughtful. These are very good qualities in anyone and can make all the difference in setting the tone of a date.
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Getting Fit for Fun – In Bed!

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Sex is one of the most enjoyable physical workouts you will get. However like any physical activity, it’s usually a lot easier, and more enjoyable, if you are already in shape. A regular workout routine can not only help you get the body image you want and make you more attractive, it can also directly impact your sex dating and ability to perform in the bedroom as well.

getting fit helps sex

Appearance matters

Having a strong and healthy physique makes you attractive to the opposite sex, often in spite of any undesirable qualities you may have otherwise. Healthy mates are naturally more attractive, and physical prowess is something we are socially conditioned to value.  Read More

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Does the Weather Affect Our Libido?

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Each type of weather influences your sex drive one way or another. When you either feel like cuddling up to your partner to warm things up or just feel too hot to enjoy any sort of contact, it is definitely a result of the weather. Generally, a person’s normal body temperature is around 98° Fahrenheit (37° C), and any temperature over 85 (29° C) can cause so much sweat that the mood for sex simply goes away. Also, as the temperatures approach freezing point, you might get so cold that you don’t even want to think about getting naked with someone.

sex in hot weather

It’s true that winter is more of a time for cuddling than spring or summer, but actually the body is more likely to have a high sex drive during the spring. The reason behind this difference is hormones. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) is the hormone that boosts sex drive for women, and bright sunlight causes the body to create it. MSH also has connections to regulating the generation of melanin, which darkens the skin to give it protection from harmful UV rays. Read More

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Affair Dating On Social Media? The Biggest Mistake!

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Affair dating is supposed to be hot, exciting, fulfilling and most importantly discreet! However, beginning and conducting an affair dating primarily on a social media site, just about ensures the whole world has the potential to hear about it. Many people don’t intend to meet the person that they chat to on Twitter or Facebook, but even having an on-line, no real-life contact affair can have devastating effects on your life.

online dating mistakes

The Kids See It

So you have been friended by a friend-of-a-friend-of-Aunt-Susie’s-ex-hairdresser and you start to engage in some light banter. They seem interesting enough, maybe even sharing some of your own likes and dislikes. Before you know it you’re instant messaging them and, as things progress, downloading the social media app on your smart phone so you won’t miss any of their messages. Trouble is neither are the kids. In today’s fast-paced world you can just about guarantee that at some point you are going to lay your phone down or leave your computer screen on, and the kids will see hot messages being exchanged between you and someone who isn’t their other parent. Bad idea! Read More

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Are Members of the Upper Class More Likely to Have an Affair?

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There are times when it seems as if the only people engaging in extramarital affairs are those with money.  Let’s face it, you rarely hear about the couple down the street getting caught up in a cheating scandal.  Conversely, you can name several members of the upper class that have been involved in an affair.  From Rupert Sanders to Prince Charles, once you begin thinking of names, the list is endless.  Nevertheless, is this correct?  Are members of the upper class more likely to become involved in an affair?  Let’s explore this further.

upper class have affair more likely

The facts​

​According to countless surveys and reports, as well as expert opinion, this is a fact.  A study reported in The Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy found that approximately 50% of women and 60% of men will engage in at least one affair during their marriage.  It is difficult to pinpoint specific statistics based on income.  However, experts in the field of extramarital affairs agree that wealthy individuals, both male and female, are more likely to find themselves engaged in more than one relationship.  Read More

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An Affair with the Boss: Sexual Dynamite and Career Suicide

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Should you have an affair with your boss? We look over what the implications are and compare them to having an affair with the no strings attached members on Marital Affair.

So, you’re sitting at a hotel bar with a couple of co-workers and your boss. You’re hundreds of miles from home, and you’ve just nailed a presentation that brought a multimillion pound contract to your firm. You did the research, and your delivery brought it home. In the morning, you’re hopping on a plane back home, but for the time being, the four of you are sharing a magnum of champagne, savouring the moment.

have an affair with your boss

Then, the two other co-workers look at their mobile phones and wander off toward the lift, a little unsteady but ready to go upstairs and call their wives. You still have half a glass of bubbly to down, and when you turn to look at your boss, you notice — not for the first time — how deep blue her eyes are. Her charcoal grey suit fits her perfectly. Suddenly, you notice that she’s staring back with an inquisitive smile. You open your mouth to excuse yourself for the night, but suddenly you notice her hand on your thigh.

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