Men’s Favourite Sexual Fantasies

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affair dating
If you look at any research paper on the subject and they will give you a percentage of how many men indulge in sexual fantasies such as affair dating or cheating, usually in the region of 70% to 80%. However, when dealing with real people who are not actively being queried or polled, the actual number rests more closely at 100%. This is as it should be. Sexual fantasising is a form of expression in healthy males that is perfectly normal. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all men are comfortable admitting to it or sharing this information, but do you think that stopped us asking? Here’s what we found were the most common fantasies for men.

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Warm Up the Winter with Affair Dating

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affair dating in winter
So the nights are drawing in and before too long we’ll be facing another several months of the seemingly never ending British winter. You know the score, leaving home when it’s still dark in the morning only to wistfully spend the day staring out the window as the light draws in before five o’clock. Depressing isn’t it? Getting home feeling more tired than usual because it is pitch black, cold and invariably drizzling with rain. It’s even worse if you get home to find your partner equally irritable, as it’s no secret that relationships tend to feel the strain during winter months much more than they do in the joyful summertime. Sex and affection may dry up, then there’s the stress of Christmas presents and how to pay for them all, and then the prospect of a new year filled with yet more of perpetual drudgery. Suddenly the idea of having an affair through an affair dating site doesn’t seem so bad. Read More

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Better Married Dating with Performance Enhancing foods

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go nuts with married datingIn this day and age of Love Shops, sex toys and artificial stimulants, it may do us well to remember that there are several natural ways to enhance sexual performance, many of which can be found in the food we eat. In most instances, these food items may already be part of your diet. But, if they are not, it would be pretty easy to incorporate them into your daily routine and ensure that your married dating experience is as enjoyable as it should be. Read More

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5 Motivations That Fuel a Marital Affair

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In today’s modern world, with rumours of high profile celebrity hook-ups and the ability to easily share our own photos with a secret friend, it can often seem like sex, or at the very least some innocent snogging, is on everyone’s mind. With such thoughts in mind, today we’ll be exploring five common reasons why men and women start an affair. For each reason, we’ll look a little bit at the differences between the sexes to better understand what gets everyone ready to dive under the covers with someone other than their spouse.

start and extra marital affair
1. The state of a marriage
Marriages, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, strengths and passions. While it might seem odd, often times for men, the best periods in their marriage coincides with their desire to get in the sack with someone else. During these times of marital strength, men are more often likely to feel confident and at their best. Increased confidence gives them that necessary boost to talk to the cute girl down the hall or the hot barmaid down the local. However, for women, the opposite is often true. When their husbands aren’t hitting the mark, it’s tempting to seek out a stronger candidate who can provide that sense of quality that they might not be getting at home.

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Is There An Optimum Length for an Affair Dating Journey?

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Affair Dating stories are as individual as the two people involved in them.  Some last for several years, even a lifetime, while others may fizzle out after one night.  Is there an optimum length for an affair?  Should they be long, short, or does it really matter at all?  These are some questions that married partners who are active in affairs outside of the marriage may ask.  The answer is that it depends upon your preferences and several other factors that may be affecting your life.

optimum length for an affair dating journey
Reasons for having an affair
People, both male and female have their own reasons for becoming involved in an affair.  Perhaps there is no love left in the relationship or a partner is unable to perform sexually.  It’s also possible that the couple is emotionally separated, but for social or financial reasons, cannot or do not totally end the relationship publicly. There are many reasons that people may choose to start an affair in the first place, and the duration of time that the affair lasts is often tied to that.  For example, getting back at a spouse may result in short term affairs just to prove a point either to the self or the spouse.

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Is Your Married Affair Leading to More than Just Sex

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You’ve been in an extramarital affair that has been based upon mutual sexual attraction for some time, but something has changed.  For some reason you don’t have the same feelings for your man (if you are having an affair with a married man).  You may wonder what is happening.  Could it be possible that your affair is becoming about more than just sex? There are some tell-tale signs that may signal the sexy romps with your married partner are transforming into a different kind of marital affair that you may not have intended on having.

How to distinguish the sex only affair
These married affairs are mainly based upon sex and lust with little emotional attachment between the partners. The relationship can be intense, particularly in the beginning, but the fire is usually short in duration and fizzles out over time.  Sex only marital affairs couples don’t usually have a lot to talk about and go on with their own separate and private lives with the exception of their intimate rendezvous meetings.   Read More

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Smart Phones are changing the Way We Cheat

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For those of us who are in the married affair dating game, there are great new advances in technology that are making it easier than ever to connect with people and stay better in touch. It is a fact that smart phones are changing the way that we cheat on our partners. New and improved applications are available that help us maintain a higher level of privacy and keep snooping spouses from tracking our activities through our smart phones.

using smartphones to cheat

Old cell phone technology vs. increased privacy measures

Up until recently, it was fairly easy to take a peek at all activity that took place on a cell phone. The call history kept track of all previous calls, both incoming and outgoing. While this is still true, and it pays to be careful, there are several new apps that are designed to carefully hide private calls from suspicious eyes.

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Phubbing on a Date: How to Escape a Mobile Phone Addict

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Phubbing is the new social snubbing. A newly coined term, it refers to someone who would rather check their mobile phone than have a conversation with you. When this happens on a date the fall out can be fast and furious. When we speak with some of our married affair dating members they make it clear that dating a repeated ‘phubber’ – someone who just can’t leave their phone alone – leads to distrust which can rapidly become disgust!

Stop Phubbing Your Date

Let’s face it, most of us in the western world are addicted to technology and our mobile phones are no exception. Not only are our contacts on there, but our social networking apps and calendars are too. Once upon a time, a date at the movies, dinner or the theatre meant you got someone’s undivided attention, but not anymore. With the advent of the smart phone some seventeen years ago, the iPhone seven years ago and the iPad four years ago; face to face interaction is taking a back seat to technology.

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Why We Cheat

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In today’s world, cheating is not uncommon.  In fact, according to a report released in 2013, approximately 44 percent of marriages in the UK have been effected by married affair dating.  So, if almost no one enters into a marriage with the intent of cheating on their spouse later, why do so many people end up involving adult dating?  Let’s explore the most common reasons people seek relationships outside of their marriage.

why we cheat

  • Let’s start with sex 

For most men, sex is a huge motivating factor.  However, there are more reasons than simply not getting enough at home.  In some instances, they want to try something different and they don’t think their partner would be willing to accommodate their desires.  For others, particularly those in a long term relationship, there is a longing to have sex with somebody different.  There are also times when a man engages in an affair merely because the opportunity presents itself.

For most women, sex is not their primary reason for engaging in a romance on the side.  Although, there are women who are in it only for the sexual thrill, others are looking to fill an emotional void. 

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Biggest ‘Turn Ons’ for Women on Affair Dating

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When it comes to affair dating, women and men are very different. However that doesn’t mean that women are a mystery. Everyone likes to feel valued and desirable. By showing her the right amount of attention, respect and consideration, you can build up an attraction and make sure that you keep her interested in you.

Biggest Turn Ons for Women

  •  Be a gentleman 

Chivalry isn’t dead yet, and it is actually a big turn on. Women love attention, and when you are a perfect gentleman they will find you very hard to resist. Be sure to compliment them, flirt with them and don’t forget to pull out chairs and open doors whenever possible. Chivalry isn’t just a parlour trick; it shows a woman you are considerate and thoughtful. These are very good qualities in anyone and can make all the difference in setting the tone of a date.
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