Boom in Affairs for British Women

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: January 27, 2014

According to a recent survey from one of the world’s leading extramarital affair websites, British women are having more affairs than ever! The survey questioned over 3000 site members in the UK and found that compared to a year ago, married women are having more affairs.

woman having an affair

A spokesperson for the site which launched in the UK in 2006, said that during the first month of launch significantly more women than men signed up to become members and, according to spokesperson, women are also far more active than men on the site. 

Internet expert Kalvin Jones thinks there’s a sea-change happening in the world of online affairs and dating.

‘A few years ago if you joined a dating site or an affair site as a man, you’d expect to do all the legwork. With the numbers of women far outstripping men, all the ladies had to do was sit back and wait for the messages to come rolling in. But it seems like things could soon be on a far more even keel and men may find that joining a dating or marital affair site doesn’t seem so one sided anymore.’

Jenny Hunt, a business analyst from Kent, joined an extramarital affair site a year ago and says it’s the best decision she ever made.

‘I love my husband but I just wasn’t happy with our sex life. He works long hours and is away a lot and I was really missing affection. My husband didn’t seem interested so I decided to give an affair site a go. I got talking to Dave very quickly and within a week we had met. He’s married too so neither of us want commitment, but we both feel happier and more satisfied with our lives.’

But it’s not just sexual dissatisfaction that could be causing women to cheat. Keith Giles believes it’s the newfound role of women in society that’s changing their attitude to sex.

‘A few generations ago there were far less women than men in the workplace and women were also paid less. Today in many work environments women outstrip men and many are becoming top earners and the main breadwinner in their families. This is causing them to take on a more traditional male role which includes having affairs. Powerful women tend to go after what they want despite the consequences, which is exactly the attitude you need for a successful affair.’

So does the prevalence of female cheaters mean even more divorce on the horizon for Britain’s future? According to Relate counsellor Sarah Jones, it doesn’t.

‘More people are coming to see me about affairs, but I’m finding that less marriages are ending as a result of infidelity. For the last generation, an affair generally spelled the end of relationships, but people today seem to be developing a more relaxed, European attitude to affairs and accepting them as part of life. Often when I work with a couple where infidelity has occurred, they find that the incident is a catalyst to talking about other problems in the relationship and solving them, so it can actually have a positive effect.’