Britons Top Europe’s ‘Most Faithful’ List

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Posted: March 28, 2014

Whilst the rest of the world tried desperately to make a big deal of the recently discovered affair of Francois Hollande, the entire French nation gave a universal shrug of indifference and carried on eating nice cheese. 

Francois Hollande Married Affair

A recent European survey revealed the continent’s biggest philanderers – and France came in at number one, which goes some way to explaining their laissez-faire attitude to infidelity. The mass media may make it seem otherwise, with every other new story recounting the details of the private lives of UK politicians, celebrities and public figures, but believe it or not, us Brits are the most faithful in the whole of Europe! Take a look below to find out all the results of the European infidelity survey. 

French and Italian fellas came bottom of the list, with an even 55% of men from both countries admitting that they had been unfaithful to a wife or long term partner. British men scored significantly lower, but they’re no angels either – 42% said they’d had an affair.

The IFOP survey questioned more than 5000 people in six European countries. Director Francois Kraus commented that the results appeared to ‘confirm the clichés about Latin males’. Kraus continued that the recent antics of Silvio’ Bunga Bunga’ Berlusconi and Francoise Hollande seemed to be ‘quite representative of their respective nations’.

The survey also found a link between infidelity and religion, claiming that cheating was less prevalent in countries where the majority of people were protestant. The countries with the highest number of philanderers were mainly Catholic. ‘This could be for lots of reasons’, commented Kraus. ‘It could be that the risk and taboo of extramarital affairs in Catholic countries makes the prospect more attractive, but divorce is also frowned upon in the Catholic faith, so people are more likely to have an affair instead of leaving their partner.’

German men were slightly more likely to embark on an affair than their British counterparts, with 46% admitting they had been unfaithful. Believe it or not, Belgian men beat the hot blooded Spanish by 1%. 51% of those Belgian men questioned claimed they’d kept warm with an affair whilst 50% of Spanish men admitted infidelity.

Unsurprisingly, women across all six countries managed to keep their pants on more successfully than the men. German ladies came out as the naughtiest, with 43% saying they had played away, beating the French and the Italians hands down. 34% of Italian women admitted infidelity and just 32% of French girls said they had been up to no good, suggesting a significant imbalance between what men and women in the country consider to be acceptable.

29% of British women had had an affair, which set them on a par with Belgium and slightly above Spain. In addition, the poll showed that Brits feel the most remorse following an affair. Around half of all male and female British respondents said they were sorry for their behaviour, whilst just 28% of French participants said they regretted having an affair.