More Brits Than Ever Prepare for Affairs in Approach to Valentine’s Day

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: February 17, 2014

According to a new surveys from the UK’s leading extramarital affair site, Marital Affair more Brits than ever are preparing to embark on an affair or enjoy an illicit encounter in the run up to Valentine’s day than at any other time of the year.


According to research married people are most likely to cheat or begin to look into the possibility of cheating on 6th January, but the number of people joining marital increases exponentially during the first few months of the year.

A report in the Daily Mail explained that recent research had shown that those deciding to embark on an affair were most likely to put their decision down to ‘cabin fever’ after being trapped with their nearest and dearest over the festive period. The research found that couples who already had problems were more likely to argue over Christmas which in turn leads to the likelihood of looking for something new. In addition to too much time spent with the family, many of the affairs taking place were put down to the financial strain of paying for Christmas, which can often lead to resentment in couples.The approach of Valentine’s Day also has a part to play in the figures as some of those surveyed explained that the onset of the most romantic day of the year caused them to consider the state of their relationship and begin to crave romance and those feelings of lust which only come from a new lover.

Research also found that 6th January was the day when people were most likely to apply for a new job and they begin to consider the year ahead. Interestingly, the modern work market is also partly responsible for the increase in UK cheating. Relationships Expert Kitty Hall explained that jobs today offer a different sort of lifestyle that’s more conducive to conducting an affair because people work much longer hours and often travel or spend long periods away from home as part of their job.

Incredibly, the UK’s top dating site, which launched in the country a few years ago, found that activity on their site increases by one quarter during January and February, whilst last year was the first which saw more female than male members sign up. According to Hall, it’s the changing role of women in society which is causing them to have more affairs.

‘More and more women are going out to work and carving successful careers. Statistically women are more likely to be the main breadwinner in middle class families and are more likely to progress more quickly up the career ladder than their male counterparts. This new level of power for women has caused some of them to begin acting in a more traditionally male manner, for example by starting an affair.’

So if you’re considering joining an online adult dating site for people seeking marital affairs or no strings attached fun then January and February are the perfect months in which to take the plunge with Marital Affair.