Can Sex Without Intimacy Ever be as Good?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: November 13, 2014


Sex without intimacy like married affair or nsa sex; some say it’s passionless, while others say it’s the only true form of passion. Does an emotional bond make physical love better, worse, or are the two concepts totally unrelated? The answer to this question is still heavily debated.

On one hand, we are animals and it is our biological nature to desire companionship, sex and procreation. While on the other hand, human beings are capable of rational thought and, as such, we’re mentally elevated above basic instincts. Regardless of our individual opinions, this see-saw of desire is a ride for which we all wait in line.

The differences

Sex is a dynamic expression and is something that should be respected and celebrated. Whereas, making love is a symbol of the bond that is built by true intimacy, and it can intensify the experience. Comfort and familiarity act like aphrodisiacs and bring libidos to a peak. Meanwhile, the excitement and anonymity of a casual rendezvous can also heighten the senses, freeing the participants of their inhibitions and promoting a truly physical experience.

Both perspectives are riddled with pros and cons, only proving that this debate is still far from being decided. Whether you need a long term commitment and a deeper connection or just a few drinks and eye contact from a stranger, we all recognise the crown of sexuality and bow to its power.

Here’s a test:

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a high class jazz lounge. The lights are dim, the music is smooth and your private table is covered in soft shadows, just out of sight of the other patrons. As you take a sip from your favourite drink, you feel your body start to relax. A hand reaches out for you and you know it’s the touch of your lover. You melt even more. You lean back into the supple seat cushion, feeling aroused by the atmosphere. You pull your lover close and slightly wet your quivering lips, craving the kiss that will surely ignite your lust. Now open your eyes. Who did you see? Who was your lover? Was it an old flame from the past returning for one last sensual goodbye? Was it your current partner, the one that knows you better than anyone? Or was it someone new, the sexy stranger that you have been watching all night?

Whatever your answer is, embrace it. We are who we are and we each want what we want. You can crave the feeling of a known acquaintance or long for the caress of a mysterious mate, just be true to your desires. Different opinions can lead to different experiences. As long as you are honest with yourself then your path will always be clear.