Fulfilling Fantasies with Adult Dating

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adult dating
There are many reasons why people choose to start adult dating. One of these is so they have the opportunity to fulfil their fantasies. Adult dating online is a great way to find people willing to explore your fantasies with you.

Finding the right partner
The first step in using sex dating to fulfil your fantasies is to find the right partner to share the experience with. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to join an adult dating site such as Marital Affair. By doing this, you know that you are meeting like-minded people who are only looking for a physical relationship rather than an emotional commitment. Look for people you find physically attractive based on their photograph and then read their profile to find out what they are looking for. If they seem a good match, then get in touch and explore the possibility of them sharing your fantasies with you.
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Best Locations for Affair Dating

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affair dating experience

If you have met someone through an adult dating site, you will need somewhere to go when it comes to actually meeting them for a date. This should be somewhere you will both feel relaxed and have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Here is an overview of some of the best locations for affair dating – as well as some places you should avoid:

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Are Humans Really Supposed to be Monogamous?

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mongoamy and adult dating

At Marital Affair we like to every now and then tackle the question that are important to our adult dating community. Are humans supposed to be monogamous? It’s a question that has been coming up regularly of late. Part of this is because some people feel we are living in more liberal and progressive times, burdened less with previously accepted ideas of propriety. In truth, it may have to do with the fact we live in a more secular and enlightened age, rather than a world dominated by the views of whatever religion is popular at the moment. So, what purpose does monogamy presently serve in our society?

We don’t have the social stigma and shaming associated with unwed mothers, or bastard children, that were prevalent centuries ago. We don’t worry about bloodlines or succession for the most part anymore, and even if we did modern science now has the blood test to deal with that sort of thing. These seem like they would be the practical, social, economic and political reasons behind old societies that embraced monogamy, and they are no longer a concern.

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Is Affair Dating Having Your Cake and Eating It?

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affair dating

Everyone’s relationship is different and what suits some couples may not suit another. Society is much more open-minded these days about what constitutes a relationship, and a normal relationship is a somewhat outdated concept. Affair dating is a form of dating that some people in relationships turn to for no strings attached sexual gratification. While for some people this is a perfect solution to a sexual need, others consider it to be having your cake and eating it. So which is it? Read More

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Politics and Sex Are More Entwined Than You May Think

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You may be married but if the fun has gone out of life with your partner then you might be thinking about signing up with us here at Marital Affair to put a little spice back into your life. It’s not unusual. Couples do fall out of love, or perhaps they still love each other but they’re not necessarily turned on by their partner any more. Read More

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Self-Love with The Glov

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sex dating

When it comes to affair dating and sex with a partner, the possibilities are endless. We treat it as an opportunity to give life to our fantasies and readily step outside the box. Role playing as the naughty school girl, dressing up as a slutty nurse or even re-enacting scenes from our favourite porn films are all ways of indulging in shared intimacy.

While our efforts to heighten mutual pleasure go above and beyond, our endeavours in self-gratification receive significantly less attention, and masturbation can become greatly undervalued. We settle for hand held dildos and vibrators that cause unnatural body positioning and strain, ignoring the limits of their uncomfortable arrangement and denying ourselves the possibility of experiencing an even better and stronger orgasm. Fortunately, the days of lacklustre toys are coming to an end and innovative technology is finally being introduced.

The Glov of your life

In this age of mad science where cars parallel park themselves and phones talk to us, sex toys are refusing to be left behind. Not to be outdone by robots that sweep or apps that tweet, sex toys are stepping up their game too. The inventor of the Glov, Steve Scrase, has taken a “hands on” approach to answering this call.

Without losing the intention and overall integrity of masturbatory tools, Scrase has updated our existing devices, making them more sleek, polished and effective. Focusing on a more comfortable and effortless experience, The Glov promotes a user friendly design without sacrificing pleasure. Comprised of a latex glove that comfortably fits the hand with a dildo-vibrator combination, The Glov holds the toy in place for ease-of-use. It also offers different speeds and intensities through a small control panel located on the back of the hand. Slow and steady, fast and wild or both, the Glov enables you to fulfil your own fantasy.

Making life simpler

Instead of moving the entire arm, you simply move your first three index fingers and the fun can begin. This unique blueprint not only allows for ease-of-use but also opens the door for increased versatility. With The Glov nothing is impossible. You can switch from missionary to doggie-style or cowgirl to sideways plank without interruption, making the journey to your climax much smoother.

With bliss literally at your fingertips, you are in complete control and can be as creative and flexible as you desire. Refined and more streamline, The Glov couples the precision of your fingertips with the power of a sex toy. By combing these worlds, The Glov can open new doors to passion, lust and true intimacy. Self-love is finally stepping into the future and we gladly welcome the arrival of any improvement to our favourite past time. Ideal for seamless position changes and partner participation, The Glov reminds us of how much fun masturbation can be.

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Men’s Favourite Sexual Fantasies

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affair dating
If you look at any research paper on the subject and they will give you a percentage of how many men indulge in sexual fantasies such as affair dating or cheating, usually in the region of 70% to 80%. However, when dealing with real people who are not actively being queried or polled, the actual number rests more closely at 100%. This is as it should be. Sexual fantasising is a form of expression in healthy males that is perfectly normal. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all men are comfortable admitting to it or sharing this information, but do you think that stopped us asking? Here’s what we found were the most common fantasies for men.

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Warm Up the Winter with Affair Dating

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affair dating in winter
So the nights are drawing in and before too long we’ll be facing another several months of the seemingly never ending British winter. You know the score, leaving home when it’s still dark in the morning only to wistfully spend the day staring out the window as the light draws in before five o’clock. Depressing isn’t it? Getting home feeling more tired than usual because it is pitch black, cold and invariably drizzling with rain. It’s even worse if you get home to find your partner equally irritable, as it’s no secret that relationships tend to feel the strain during winter months much more than they do in the joyful summertime. Sex and affection may dry up, then there’s the stress of Christmas presents and how to pay for them all, and then the prospect of a new year filled with yet more of perpetual drudgery. Suddenly the idea of having an affair through an affair dating site doesn’t seem so bad. Read More

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5 Motivations That Fuel a Marital Affair

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In today’s modern world, with rumours of high profile celebrity hook-ups and the ability to easily share our own photos with a secret friend, it can often seem like sex, or at the very least some innocent snogging, is on everyone’s mind. With such thoughts in mind, today we’ll be exploring five common reasons why men and women start an affair. For each reason, we’ll look a little bit at the differences between the sexes to better understand what gets everyone ready to dive under the covers with someone other than their spouse.

start and extra marital affair
1. The state of a marriage
Marriages, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, strengths and passions. While it might seem odd, often times for men, the best periods in their marriage coincides with their desire to get in the sack with someone else. During these times of marital strength, men are more often likely to feel confident and at their best. Increased confidence gives them that necessary boost to talk to the cute girl down the hall or the hot barmaid down the local. However, for women, the opposite is often true. When their husbands aren’t hitting the mark, it’s tempting to seek out a stronger candidate who can provide that sense of quality that they might not be getting at home.

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Is Your Married Affair Leading to More than Just Sex

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You’ve been in an extramarital affair that has been based upon mutual sexual attraction for some time, but something has changed.  For some reason you don’t have the same feelings for your man (if you are having an affair with a married man).  You may wonder what is happening.  Could it be possible that your affair is becoming about more than just sex? There are some tell-tale signs that may signal the sexy romps with your married partner are transforming into a different kind of marital affair that you may not have intended on having.

How to distinguish the sex only affair
These married affairs are mainly based upon sex and lust with little emotional attachment between the partners. The relationship can be intense, particularly in the beginning, but the fire is usually short in duration and fizzles out over time.  Sex only marital affairs couples don’t usually have a lot to talk about and go on with their own separate and private lives with the exception of their intimate rendezvous meetings.   Read More

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