Marital Affair Findings featured in Woman’s Own Magazine.

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womans own cover‘Will you have an affair this Christmas?’, that is the question posed in the latest issue of Woman’s own magazine in which Marital Affair was featured in an article of the same name.

The article discusses our findings that more people cheat around this time of year. With the forthcoming office Christmas party combined with the amount of wives and husbands undergoing the stresses of Christmas preparation, many are often driven apart an into the arms of a lover.

Our findings highlight that this time of year always sees an increase in new members at MaritalAffair, especially between christmas day and new year, maybe more shockingly most of those new members are in fact women. Last year we saw a rise of 67% in signups on christmas day alone! With existing members average time spent on the site also increasing by almost %100. Read More

Channel 4 – How To Find Love Online

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channel4 how to find love onlineChannel 4’s “Mating Season” is in full swing, gaining a lot of attention and opening the world of adult dating up to the masses.

The fantastic team at Channel 4 have produced a series of original and deeply entertaining programmes on “Modern Dating in  the 21st century” including a special nine-part drama and a series of documentaries taking a light hearted but insightful look at real life stories of finding love on and off-line, (How to Find Love Online, First Dates and Why Am I Still Single?) be sure not to miss them. Read More

Marital Affair In Look Magazine

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Your Partner Will Have An Affair.

Affair In LookA new study suggests that infidelity is growing in Britain, with the likelihood of your partner having an affair growing as our ‘I want, I need’ culture continues to grow.

This Look Magazine article looks at how monogamy is not a natural instinct going some way to explain why so many people do stray. I also tackles the potential positives of going through a partners infidelity and ponders if in fact it may be a healthy thing for the relationship in the long term.

At Marital Affair we know how popular extra marital affairs can be. With over 600,000 active members we see on a daily basis how popular this taboo subject has become, and just how much it is growing. Read below to see our favourite excerpts as ‘Look’ explains that the idea of monogamy is very much in free fall. Read More

Have an Extramarital Affair with MaritalAffair.co.uk

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Are you seeking an extramarital affair? Bored in your current relationship, or unhappily married?

Marital Affair offers you an oulet to find an interested partner, married or single who’s goal is the same as yours, to be satisfied. An extramarital affair is not a new thing. Its being going on for years and wil continue for years to come. Marital affair offers you an outlet to meet like minded people who would rather leave the complications of a traditional relationship in the home and enjoy the benefits of having a mistress or man to cater for the sexual needs that are within all of us.

We have members that find their sex drives are not matched by their partner and would rather meet someone who has the same desires and needs, but understands that commitments to marraige can not be immediately erased. Its a common need for many people and an extramarital affair can blossom not only your life, your parters, but also the marraige you are in.

It takes minutes to join as we are committed to a non fuss sign up process that enables a swift registering process. Confidentiality is important to you so use the relevant tools to assist you in this. Our commitment to your pleasure is a priority.

Join us now and start enjoying the benefits of a more fruitful sex life and the pleasures that go with an understanding partner.

Find Cheating Housewives on the UK’s Number 1 Site for Extramarital Affairs

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Find Cheating Housewives with MaritalAffair.co.uk

Are you a horny housewife or are you looking for cheating housewives seeking extramarital sex?

Marital Affair delivers a quality dating environment for sexual encounters, adult dating and intimate interaction and its sole purpose is to help you explore an extramarital partner and sexy housewives in your area. We have thousands of adult members all over the UK and more people are joining us daily. Create a dating profile in minutes and you will see that Marital Affair delivers quality adult dating for people every day.

Marital Affair offers adult dating for those interested in horny housewives to naughty housewives and if you are looking for real housewives for uncomplicated sex, then you have found the right place.

Why does this site work? Marital Affair by name suggests adult themed dating for extramarital activities. We make no claims outside of this and are clear to members that are joining an adult themed site. The people that join Marital Affair are seeking this type of uncomplicated and mostly physical relationship because it adapts to their own lifestyles. Unhappily married people and single adults share a desire for sexual interaction which makes Marital Affair the perfect sexual playground. Join us today and embark on a new and exciting dating experience filled with lust, passion and sexual fulfilment.

MaritalAffair.co.uk in The Guardian

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Affairs won’t go away

It’s a simple fact that affairs always have and always will happen.

The Guardian article discusses our obsession to sticking to a long term partner and how we become convinced that there is a happy ever after relationship.

At maritalaffair.co.uk, we are postioned to assist those seeking more than thier current relationship offers. We give you the chance, through our dating portal, to meet other people who are in the same mind set as you. I want more…

See below how an article in the Guardian explains how ‘wanting more’, is perfectly normal.

The Guardian

With her latest book, “The New Rules: Internet Dating, Playfairs and Erotic Power”, Catherine Hakim has joined a growing posse of high profile monogamy-bashers.

It’s one of a clutch of recent big-splash books defending infidelity – and all of them were written by happily married authors. Alain de Botton sang the praises of adultery in How to Think More about Sex and Christopher Ryan co-wrote Sex at the Dawn with his wife, in which they both challenged the myth that monogamy is innate in humans.

They don’t argue from embittered experience, haranguing from the cesspit of heartbreak, but with factual objectivity. Hakim, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of personally sharing research and anecdotes, uses sociological studies to demonstrate the benefits of the so-called playfair and increasing use of marital affair websites. The other are equally academic. Ryan and his wife flood their pages with colourful evolutionary theories highlighting how everything – from human penis size to porn preferences – prove that monogamy just isn’t the way that we were meant to be.

I too am questioning our obsession in finding and sticking with one lifelong partner. As much as we love to feast on the Hollywood-inspired fairytales (there is a soulmate out there who can make our dreams come true, and still make us quiver between the sheets every night), I’m afraid my research finds more evidence of boredom, bickering and monosyllabic TV dinners than passion, princes and someone who massages your feet every night.

We all desperately want to believe in a never-ending happy ending. We only have to see the vitriol stirred up at the mere suggestion  that Katherine Jenkins was involved with David Beckham to get a taste of how defensive we are of this nice, but unrealistic, ideal. After all, I’d rather not rain on the fairytale parade myself; like the writers above, I too am in a monogamous relationship. But I believe only in monogamy from the heart, not from a pact. Perhaps I’m biased; it’s a new relationship and I’ve still got the butterflies.

As much as I would like the champagne fuzz and fascination of a fresh lover to last forever, the occupational hazard of researching relationships has left me startling aware that romantic lustiness and long-term familiarity don’t marry up well. Passion fades to friendship. Elation and mutual fascination gives way to conversations about who’s taking the bins out. And it’s scientifically proven.

Anthropologists have studied brain scans of couples in love. The ones in the early throes of romantic love virtually dribble dopamine. Their brains, according to Dr Helen Fisher, behave exactly like someone on crack cocaine. They are obsessed and infatuated. Thankfully – for the sanity of society – couples who’ve been together for a bit calm down. Their brains bathe in oxytocin: they fell attached and secure and want to pack each other’s lunch boxes but alas, they’re unlikely to want to snog in the back of a taxi.

People only started to marry for love in the late 18th century. Marriage was a strategy to form business partnerships, expand family networks, craft political ties, strengthen labour force or pass on wealth. In aristocratic societies of the 12th century, adultery was considered a higher form of love. True love was thought impossible with a spouse. In the 16th century, the essayist Montaigne wrote that any man in love with his wide was “a man so dull no one else could love him”. It’s therefore ironic that people moralise about the demise of “old-fashioned family values” or “traditional marriage”. The true “traditional” approach to marital commitment had nothing to do with either everlasting love or exclusivity.

Throughout history and across cultures, societies have provided a system for paramours. In imperial China, noblemen housed harems of courtesans. In the Ottoman empire, there were seraglios of beautiful courtesans, In the east, any man of means had at least one concubine as well as a wife. In Japan, married men entertained themselves with geishas. In Europe, the royal courts officiated monarchs’ mistresses and sometimes any resulting children. The modern world continues to make provisions too. The French have the cinq a sept. Japan has “love hotels” designed for discretion, dispatching room keys from a vending machine and curtains in the car park to protect anonymity. Here, we have marital affair websites. Last week, maritalaffair.co.uk revealed that the number of active women on its site have doubles in the last three months.

Now more than ever, we need a more flexible approach to coupledom. As the world allows for increasingly autonomous lifestyles, we tighten the reins on our spouses. We give our partners rules, curfews and DIY lists. We expect them to be our exclusive lover, best friend, co-parent, holiday companion and to fix the car. The job description doesn’t fit with modern mores.

Does this mean a life of serial flings will make us happier? I wouldn’t personally choose that, but I find a one-size fits all framework for relationships equally unrewarding. What we do need is an adjustment to our rigid, moralised relationship settings and an admittance that as much as we don’t like it, affairs won’t go away.

MaritalAffair.co.uk in The Metro

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How Fifty Shades of Grey spurs on Members

Over 100% more women are active on MaritalAffair.co.uk

Marital Affair finds itself in The Metro on August 22nd 2012. Featured as a result of it’s astonishing find that ‘active’ women on the website are up over 100% in the last three months. We have taken the view that recent activities, such as the Olympics, in general- poor summer weather, followed by some schorching hot days, plus the 50 Shades of Grey have had an effect on women. Frustations have to be released and the book has drawn attention that more is possible than your scheduled twice a week fumble.

Fifty Shades of Grey

“The Number of Active females to every man on MaritalAffair.co.uk has more than doubled in the last three months, according to latest figures.

Site owner Paul Graham said wet weather and Olympic fever had also boosted the number of people flocking to the site.

‘The Past three months have stirred up a very interesting mix’, he said.

‘We entered into summer with hot weather, followed by weeks of constant rain so maybe women were seeking a lift from summer blues.

‘Then there was the Olympics and all the corporate events that go with it, taking men away from the home for days at a time.

‘Finally the world got obsessed with the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, telling women that there are men out there who are real men if only you look.

‘It’s quite the perfect storm to lead to ladies looking for an extra bit of naughtiness.’

The bestseller is also believed to be the reason behind a surge in the number of people watching ‘risque’ films.

Viewer numbers for LoveFilm’s ‘Something Saucy’ collection have risen 55% in the five months since the kinky novel hit the shelves.

Secretary which stars Maggie Gylienhaal as a personal assistant who enters a dark relationship with her boss Mr Grey – the same name as the love interest in E.L. James’s novel – has seen a 300 per cent increase in viewers.”

Daybreak ITV features MaritalAffair.co.uk

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More married women seeking affairs are joining us everyday. The liberation of women is being used as the cause for record numbers of married women joining Maritalaffair.co.uk. Featured on Daybreak, ITV, on the 20th March 2012, the presenters discussed Maritalaffair and why it is so popular. Affairs are becoming more common place with people sourcing thier partner on the internet. Naritalaffair.co.uk has some 600,000 members and is the market leader in the UK for this type of relationship. So many people join this site that one joins every 45 seconds.

Marital Affair is an adult dating site offering people, both married and single, a simple process to meet other like minded people. Since 2006 Maritalaffair.co.uk has catered and delivered many success stories for its members and it moves from strength to strength in its position as the undisputed leader of extramarital relations in the UK.

Paul Graham the founder of Marital Affair says, “The popularity of the website is quite overwhelming. We will continue to provide excellent customer relations and a product that maintains our market position ”

Adult Dating site, Marital Affair is the UK’s leading extramarital and infidelity service founded in 2006 which is now available through desktop and mobile.

For further information, please contact Paul Graham. office@maritalaffair.co.uk

The Times: British wives drive demand for ‘dating’ websites

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Featured March 2012 in The Times

Browsing for a bit on the side: how British wives drive demand for ‘dating’ websites

More than a million British adults have subscribed to extramarital dating websites, with up to 400,000 unique users logging on every week seeking to have an affair.

The sites, which are aimed at people who want to set up adulterous liaisons, have experienced a steep rise in demand, driven by married women. Some claim to have more women regularly using their websites than men, while most reported large numbers of women signing up the day after Valentine’s Day.

Members are instantly linked to the profiles of other would-be adulterers in their area, most using pseudonyms and risque photographs, and usually pay to make contact through private messages or webchat. Although the users are overwhelmingly marries and middle-aged, most sites also allow singles to subscribe.

One of the largest of these websites MaritalAffair.co.uk, has almost 600,000 members. Analysis of the site shows that the majority of its users are parents aged 35 to 54, universitry educated – and browsing from their homes. A spokesman for Marital Affair Ltd said that women using the site on a weekly basis outnumbered men by three to one.

Ashley Madison, a US-based site specialising in “discreet affairs”, picks up a new British member ever 45 seconds, making the country proportionately its fastest-growing market in the world. More than 150,000 Britons use the site each week. The company’s chief executive, Noel Biderman said that Britain was unique in its number of women trapped in “sexless” marriages who jumped at the chance of infidelity. “The number of 50-plus” married women women in the UK joining us has surprised me.” he said “The foundation of our business in Britain is the married woman.”

Research by the company suggests that British married women of all ages are setting up affairs online because there are so few extramarital outlet for their desires. “I have been to London and a few other British cities where there are massage parlours and clubs with a wink towards gentlemen, but almost nothing for women,” Mr Biderman said. “There’s been a massive jump in the number of women entering the workplace in recent years. The more successful a woman is in her career, the more likely she is to have an affair. But women can’t easily have an affair in the workplace, where they might risk their jobs. So they need somewhere to go.”

Ashley Madison acquired more than 10,000 users the day after Valentine’s Day, most of them married women. There was similar increases after New Year’s Day and Mother’s Day last year. “Women are disappointed by their spouses’ lack of effort and they feel especially undervalued when there is a societal expectation of romance,” Mr Biderman said.

A survey by the site found the capital of online adultery in Britain is Manchester, where there is one subscriber for every 27 people.

Julian Brazier, the MP for Canterbury and a vocal patron of the the Conservative Christian Fellowship, said that extramarital dating sites were pushing Britain towards a “social breakdown”. He said “How can a marriage work when one partner starts to routinely lie to the other?”

Please see the article below: