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Marital Affair offers adult dating for those interested in horny housewives to naughty housewives and if you are looking for real housewives for uncomplicated sex, then you have found the right place.

Why does this site work? Marital Affair by name suggests adult themed dating for extramarital activities. We make no claims outside of this and are clear to members that are joining an adult themed site. The people that join Marital Affair are seeking this type of uncomplicated and mostly physical relationship because it adapts to their own lifestyles. Unhappily married people and single adults share a desire for sexual interaction which makes Marital Affair the perfect sexual playground. Join us today and embark on a new and exciting dating experience filled with lust, passion and sexual fulfilment.

Mayan Calendar sees member boost to Marital Affair

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End of the world? Not on Marital!

The Mayan Calendar tells us the end of the world will be December 21st 2012 and should this be true, it poses a lot people a small dilemma. What haven’t I done, what will I do with the time I have left and finally and of course, most importantly, have I had sufficient sex in my lifetime? Most people will answer this question with a resounding, hesitation free “no”. Ricky Gervais uses the classic, yet slightly optimistic chestnut of ‘The world is going to end’ in the film, The invention of Lying in order to gain his wicked way with a believing blonde. The end of the world has power, especially when it comes to getting more sex. When your time is cut short, people propel themselves into a frenzy of must do’s before I die. Sky Diving maybe a primary choice, god knows why, as this only increases the odds of the death knell chiming a littler sooner; some opt for seeing The Great Barrier Reef or hitting Vegas where they’ll spend their life’s savings trying to pull off a gamblers dream, but most, if they are honest, will bring sex into the equation. It’s like in the final hours of our inevitable death; our instincts allow us to think of nothing, but creating more life.

Marital Affair is an adult dating site offering people, both married and single, the doorway to uncomplicated encounters with other members. Averaging 700 new members a day the site has seen a substantial increase, some 40% in fact, in people joining over the previous week to over a 1000 new members a day. This incredible spike is very interesting as the spike coincides with the recent run of articles in the press about the alleged closure of planet earth. To add further evidence that people are joining on the back of the looming Armageddon, member profiles have been found with humorous yet catchy one liners such as “I’m going out with a bang” and “free till December 21st”.

Paul Graham the founder of Marital Affair says, “We can’t put the huge surge in membership down to anything else, January is typically very busy for us, but numbers are very, very high, particularly over the last week. Maybe this rise in numbers is down to people wanting to fulfill their fantasies before it’s too late. If we do have a whole host of people opting for 10 months of fantastic sex and the world doesn’t end, I’d say they’ve had a pretty good time preparing for it.”

Adult Dating site, Marital Affair is the UK’s leading extramarital and infidelity service founded in 2006 which is now available through desktop and mobile.

For further information, please contact Paul Graham.

Women looking for married men: 40 is the age of the hunter

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Online dating site finds when women hit 40 they look for married men

Women looking for married menLondon, 20 July, 2010: Women in their 40’s are twice as likely to look a passionate affair according to statistics released today by adult dating site Nearly 20% of women who regularly use the site are between 40 and 45 years old. That’s 1 in 5 of all the women members are in this age bracket. Further research is showing that mid-life affairs are on the rise with over 3000 people a month ( stats Google ) are searching directly for “40 year old women“ has seen an ever growing shift towards this pattern and this growing trend is showing that there is plenty of excitement and need for more passion in the mature years.

A spokesman from said, “These numbers show a massive trend where the 40’s is the age when women seek that extra thrill. There could be a number of factors affecting this. Women may find themselves with more free time as their kids become more independent, perhaps this is the age where their husbands fail to satisfy them, or maybe this reflects the fact that women in their forties are often more confident then at any other point in their lives and are feeling ready to take a few risks.”

The top 3 most popular ages for women to have an affair:

  • 1st 40-45
  • 2nd 35-40
  • 3rd 25-30

UK Housewives are looking for the roar of the Tiger

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Members searching for ‘Tiger’ on Dating Service, up 1000% in 3 Days!

London, 19 July, 2010: Female members of adult dating site, have increased their searches for the term “Tiger” by over 1000% on Whereas search terms such as “Fit”, ‘Discreet”, “Naughty” and “Good Looking” normally top the terms that bored housewives search for on the database, “Tiger”, “Woods” and “Golfer” have all taken poll position in the week that the world’s best golfers descend on Britain.

Collectively the terms, ‘Tiger” “Woods” and “Golfer” have generated over 60,000 searches in the past seven days. Historically these terms did not register in the top 100 terms normally searched for by the thousands of female members on the site.

A spokesperson of said: “There may be many wives out there who hope that the multi-talented golf legend Tiger Woods is on the prowl. We have never seen a celebrity inspire such fascination amongst our members as Tiger has on our site this week. Ashley Cole created a spike, but not as big as Tigers.”

The year’s most popular terms that regularly appear in Female members’ searches include:

  1. Discreet
  2. No Strings
  3. Adventure
  4. Local
  5. Fit
  6. Party
  7. Swap
  8. Younger
  9. Muscular/Good Looking
  10. Naughty

Cheryl Cole tops cheating poll in celebrity cheating survey

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One in five blokes said they thought it would be ‘cool’ if Becks bedded their missus.

London, 17 April 2010: Cheryl Cole is top of the list of celebrities that women would let their man sleep with, according to a celebrity cheating poll commissioned by adult dating website,

The independent survey by OnePoll, of 1,000 adults said that British women would allow their men to bed the X-Factor stunner, currently estranged from love-cheat hubby Ashley Cole, because it would be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’.

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle came second in the poll while Aussie beauty Kylie Minogue was third. Women would also be happy for their men to spend a night with Hollywood hottie Jennifer Aniston, curvy Kelly Brook and TV presenter babe Holly Willoughby, it emerged.

Yesterday a spokesman for said: ”This survey shows that “Forsaking All Others” may not apply if the “other” in question has a famous face!
The fact that Susan Boyle came second suggests that British women may be more willing to endorse their man bedding a celeb who wouldn’t pose a long-term threat to their relationship.

Similarly, It seems that whilst Labour may not be getting the political majority vote, they are getting the husband’s votes. Gordon is the fourth most popular men that husbands in Britain would be prepared to let their woman have a one night stand with. That’s higher than England’s rugger hunk Jonny Wilkinson!
Most women would be prepared to allow their man a one-night stand with Beyonce, Jordan, or Pamela Anderson if they got the chance.”

The survey also revealed that British men are more likely then women to dump their partners if they cheated with a non-celeb, In keeping with these findings, men also believe that if the chance came along to bed a celeb, they too should be given the chance to do so.

David Beckham topped the list of blokes other men would allow their partners to spend a night with.

Celebrities that blokes would let their partner bed

  1. David Beckham
  2. Justin Timberlake
  3. Peter Andre
  4. Gordon Brown
  5. Jonny Wilkinson
  6. John Terry
  7. Alex Reid
  8. Richard Branson
  9. Steven Gerrard
  10. Duncan James

Celebrities that girls would let their partner bed

  1. Cheryl Cole
  2. Susan Boyle
  3. Kylie Minogue
  4. Jennifer Aniston
  5. Kelly Brook
  6. Holly Willoughby
  7. Beyonce
  8. Jordan
  9. Dannii Minogue
  10. Pamela Anderson

Katie Price and Alex Reid “Most likely to be caught having marital affair”

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Kissing and Online Flirting Count as Cheating – The Nation has Spoken!

London 24 March 2010: 55% of Brits think that Katie Price and Alex Reid are set to be rocked by a marital affair this year according to a poll by adult dating site The independent study put Jordan and her cross dressing cage fighter in poll position as the couple most likely to get caught with a long lead ahead of other celebrity couples. Brad and Angelina (13.5%) Posh and Becks (7.4%) President Sarkozy and Carla Bruni (5.8%) and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and Josh Duhamel (4.4%) all made the top five in the survey.

Findings included:

  • A whopping 80% of the British nation said that kissing someone who is not your partner counts as cheating.
  • However, 5% of those changed their minds when alcohol is involved, with only 75% saying that kissing somebody who’s not your partner if you’re drunk is cheating.
  • Almost 70% of Brits have said talking in a sexual manner to someone who’s not your partner, online, is cheating.
  • 25% say that having sexual thoughts about somebody who’s not your partner also counts as infidelity.

PM scores five times national average in our Dating Survey

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PM Scores Five Times National Average in East Anglia

London 8 March 2010: Gordon Brown is the party leader that most Brits would have a passionate fling with according to a dating survey by The Prime Minister scored twice as much as David Cameron and three times the number of votes of Nick Clegg in the independent OnePoll study, which asked over a thousand Brits which party leader they would have a fling with.

According to the study, Gordon is also the political leader that most UK men would allow their wives or girlfriends to have a one-night stand with. 5% of all men selected Brown compared to 1% who opted for Cameron, with non-voting for Clegg.

Regionally ballots showed Brown performing most strongly in East Anglia, attracting 43% of available votes, followed by Cameron with 14% and Clegg trailing in third position with around 2% of the vote.

A spokesperson from 10 Downing Street said: “Comparing political leaders is a party political matter and one for the Labor party. It is not something we would comment on.”

A spokesperson said: “We don’t know if this result will be reflected at the ballot box, but it is interesting to see that Brown is the leader most women in Britain want to have a fling with and that most men would be prepared to make an exception for. Perhaps it is his power that makes him more attractive?”

Cheryl, Elin, Tess, Toni offered membership to Marital Affair

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London 22nd Feb, 2010: Cheryl Cole, Elin Woods, Tess Daily and Toni Terry, whose spouse’s alleged antics have dominated the headlines recently, have all been offered the chance to join Marital for the remainder of Lent. The site, which was been set up to allow consenting adults explore all of their options and has hundreds of thousands of members, wants them to know that they will be welcomed with open arms should they whish to give up anything themselves for the period that runs until the third of April.

A spokesperson for said: “These four spectacular women would fit right in to our site. We want to give them all free membership for the remainder of Lent. We know that during Lent tradition says we are meant to give something up. Rather then giving up something nice, perhaps we should all give up something negative like the heartache, loneliness and guilt that stop us from doing what we really want to. is one of the world’s leading online dating sites, which introduces like-minded individuals and couples to each other.