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Top Tips for Creating an Adult Dating Profile in 2015

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If you are considering adult dating, then one of the best ways of going about this is to join a married dating website. This is a great way to discreetly meet new people who you can potentially have some fun with. To do so, you will need to sign up with a dating site specialising in this type of dating, such as us here at Marital Affair. You will then need to create a profile, something that can often prove a stumbling block for many. Here are some tips for creating a successful profile that will attract plenty of potential dates.

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Self-Love with The Glov

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When it comes to affair dating and sex with a partner, the possibilities are endless. We treat it as an opportunity to give life to our fantasies and readily step outside the box. Role playing as the naughty school girl, dressing up as a slutty nurse or even re-enacting scenes from our favourite porn films are all ways of indulging in shared intimacy.

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Can Sex Without Intimacy Ever be as Good?

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Sex without intimacy like married affair or nsa sex; some say it’s passionless, while others say it’s the only true form of passion. Does an emotional bond make physical love better, worse, or are the two concepts totally unrelated? The answer to this question is still heavily debated.

On one hand, we are animals and it is our biological nature to desire companionship, sex and procreation. While on the other hand, human beings are capable of rational thought and, as such, we’re mentally elevated above basic instincts. Regardless of our individual opinions, this see-saw of desire is a ride for which we all wait in line.

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Men’s Favourite Sexual Fantasies

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affair dating
If you look at any research paper on the subject and they will give you a percentage of how many men indulge in sexual fantasies such as affair dating or cheating, usually in the region of 70% to 80%. However, when dealing with real people who are not actively being queried or polled, the actual number rests more closely at 100%. This is as it should be. Sexual fantasising is a form of expression in healthy males that is perfectly normal. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all men are comfortable admitting to it or sharing this information, but do you think that stopped us asking? Here’s what we found were the most common fantasies for men.

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Is There An Optimum Length for an Affair Dating Journey?

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optimum length for an affair dating journey
Affair Dating stories are as individual as the two people involved in them.  Some last for several years, even a lifetime, while others may fizzle out after one night.  Is there an optimum length for an affair?  Should they be long, short, or does it really matter at all?  These are some questions that married partners who are active in affairs outside of the marriage may ask.  The answer is that it depends upon your preferences and several other factors that may be affecting your life.

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