Why We Cheat

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: September 4, 2014

why we cheat
In today’s world, cheating is not uncommon.  In fact, according to a report released in 2013, approximately 44 percent of marriages in the UK have been effected by married affair dating.  So, if almost no one enters into a marriage with the intent of cheating on their spouse later, why do so many people end up involving adult dating?  Let’s explore the most common reasons people seek relationships outside of their marriage.

  • Let’s start with sex 

For most men, sex is a huge motivating factor.  However, there are more reasons than simply not getting enough at home.  In some instances, they want to try something different and they don’t think their partner would be willing to accommodate their desires.  For others, particularly those in a long term relationship, there is a longing to have sex with somebody different.  There are also times when a man engages in an affair merely because the opportunity presents itself.

For most women, sex is not their primary reason for engaging in a romance on the side.  Although, there are women who are in it only for the sexual thrill, others are looking to fill an emotional void. 

  • A need for closeness 

In many cases, women are attempting to rekindle an emotional intimacy that is gone from their current relationship. They may feel as if they are being taken for granted or as if their emotional needs are being neglected by their mate.  In both instances, they are only looking for someone to form an emotional connection with.  This can definitely be more dangerous than simply engaging in an affair for sex.

While men are not usually looking to form an emotional connection with someone new, they often enjoy the feeling of being desired by somebody other than their long-term partner.  In fact, men who feel their mates no longer see them as special, or important, as they once did will engage in affairs as a way to boost their egos.

  • A longing for something new 

Many men report that they have engaged in affairs simply because they enjoy the thrill of the chase.  After all, they have already ‘won’ their mate and this can lead to boredom.  They find that their boredom is alleviated while they are actively pursuing someone new.

Women frequently become involved in romances on the side out of loneliness or boredom.  They may also feel the need to experience the level of romance and passion that is most common when a relationship is in its beginning stages.  Of course, they may also miss the feeling of being lusted after.

  • Their current relationship leaves something to be desired 

For both men and women, dissatisfaction with their current mate will motivate them to begin looking for the happiness they deserve.  After all, you only live once and nobody wants to be miserable.

Cheating has gone on for centuries and it will continue to do so.  When analysed, the above points suggest that it is inherent within us all to have a bit-on-the-side, the only question is whether we act on our urges or not.