Cheryl, Elin, Tess, Toni offered membership to Marital Affair

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: February 22, 2010

London 22nd Feb, 2010: Cheryl Cole, Elin Woods, Tess Daily and Toni Terry, whose spouse’s alleged antics have dominated the headlines recently, have all been offered the chance to join Marital for the remainder of Lent. The site, which was been set up to allow consenting adults explore all of their options and has hundreds of thousands of members, wants them to know that they will be welcomed with open arms should they whish to give up anything themselves for the period that runs until the third of April.

A spokesperson for said: “These four spectacular women would fit right in to our site. We want to give them all free membership for the remainder of Lent. We know that during Lent tradition says we are meant to give something up. Rather then giving up something nice, perhaps we should all give up something negative like the heartache, loneliness and guilt that stop us from doing what we really want to. is one of the world’s leading online dating sites, which introduces like-minded individuals and couples to each other.