All You Needed to Know About Married Dating Portals

Adventure has taken on a whole new meaning and reached another milestone with the emergence of married dating portals. While in the physical world very few people would stage a relationship with a married man or woman, with the help of online married dating portals, it has become quite easy and approachable. Various studies conducted have shown that online dating portals are filled with married people who are looking for a no-strings attached relationship outside of their marriage. Married dating portals have been able to bring to light the fact that a whole lot of married people are not as satisfied with their marriages as they portray to be.

married dating

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The art of seducing women when using married dating sites

If you are interested in married dating just for sex, your chances are comparatively reduced somewhat unless you are some hot hunk with the looks of George Clooney. If you are just an average looking Brit, you would want to know what the right approach is to seducing women. It is easy to hold an interesting conversation with any woman, but will you be able to get her in to bed? That is the question.

man seducing married woman

Attraction is the first step in married dating attraction is the very first step you need to take. This is because, unless this step works, the others will not. So, if you first get her attracted to yourself, the rest of the steps will fall into place. However, this does not mean that you have to look drop dead gorgeous. It simply means that you have to look the best you can. Just try clothing yourself in something that is fashionable and then you can be sure that she is going to like you; anything you know will work with the ladies; whatever gets a lady’s eyes rolling.  Continue reading  

Britons Top Europe’s ‘Most Faithful’ List

Whilst the rest of the world tried desperately to make a big deal of the recently discovered affair of Francois Hollande, the entire French nation gave a universal shrug of indifference and carried on eating nice cheese. 

Francois Hollande Married Affair

A recent European survey revealed the continent’s biggest philanderers – and France came in at number one, which goes some way to explaining their laissez-faire attitude to infidelity. The mass media may make it seem otherwise, with every other new story recounting the details of the private lives of UK politicians, celebrities and public figures, but believe it or not, us Brits are the most faithful in the whole of Europe! Take a look below to find out all the results of the European infidelity survey.  Continue reading  

Link Found Between Large Testicles and Infidelity

University of Oslo scientists have discovered a link between testicle size and infidelity in primates which could change the way humans view the taboo of infidelity.

cheating man with large testicles

According to lead researcher Petter Bøckman, in primates, it’s possible to determine how faithful a female will be by looking at the size of a male’s testicles. In the majority of cases they found that the larger a male’s testicles were, the more likely it was that the female would be unfaithful.  Continue reading