Marital Affair Findings featured in Woman’s Own Magazine.

womans own cover‘Will you have an affair this Christmas?’, that is the question posed in the latest issue of Woman’s own magazine in which Marital Affair was featured in an article of the same name.

The article discusses our findings that more people cheat around this time of year. With the forthcoming office Christmas party combined with the amount of wives and husbands undergoing the stresses of Christmas preparation, many are often driven apart an into the arms of a lover.

Our findings highlight that this time of year always sees an increase in new members at MaritalAffair, especially between christmas day and new year, maybe more shockingly most of those new members are in fact women. Last year we saw a rise of 67% in signups on christmas day alone! With existing members average time spent on the site also increasing by almost %100. Continue reading  

Channel 4 – How To Find Love Online

channel4 how to find love onlineChannel 4’s “Mating Season” is in full swing, gaining a lot of attention and opening the world of adult dating up to the masses.

The fantastic team at Channel 4 have produced a series of original and deeply entertaining programmes on “Modern Dating in  the 21st century” including a special nine-part drama and a series of documentaries taking a light hearted but insightful look at real life stories of finding love on and off-line, (How to Find Love Online, First Dates and Why Am I Still Single?) be sure not to miss them. Continue reading  

Marital Affair In Look Magazine

Your Partner Will Have An Affair.

Affair In LookA new study suggests that infidelity is growing in Britain, with the likelihood of your partner having an affair growing as our ‘I want, I need’ culture continues to grow.

This Look Magazine article looks at how monogamy is not a natural instinct going some way to explain why so many people do stray. I also tackles the potential positives of going through a partners infidelity and ponders if in fact it may be a healthy thing for the relationship in the long term.

At Marital Affair we know how popular extra marital affairs can be. With over 600,000 active members we see on a daily basis how popular this taboo subject has become, and just how much it is growing. Read below to see our favourite excerpts as ‘Look’ explains that the idea of monogamy is very much in free fall. Continue reading