PM scores five times national average in our Dating Survey

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Posted: March 8, 2010

PM Scores Five Times National Average in East Anglia

London 8 March 2010: Gordon Brown is the party leader that most Brits would have a passionate fling with according to a dating survey by The Prime Minister scored twice as much as David Cameron and three times the number of votes of Nick Clegg in the independent OnePoll study, which asked over a thousand Brits which party leader they would have a fling with.

According to the study, Gordon is also the political leader that most UK men would allow their wives or girlfriends to have a one-night stand with. 5% of all men selected Brown compared to 1% who opted for Cameron, with non-voting for Clegg.

Regionally ballots showed Brown performing most strongly in East Anglia, attracting 43% of available votes, followed by Cameron with 14% and Clegg trailing in third position with around 2% of the vote.

A spokesperson from 10 Downing Street said: “Comparing political leaders is a party political matter and one for the Labor party. It is not something we would comment on.”

A spokesperson said: “We don’t know if this result will be reflected at the ballot box, but it is interesting to see that Brown is the leader most women in Britain want to have a fling with and that most men would be prepared to make an exception for. Perhaps it is his power that makes him more attractive?”