Fifteen Facts about Cheating that are really True!

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Posted: January 20, 2014

With stories of celebrity infidelity constantly in the papers and influx of marital affair dating sites, it seems like everyone is at it. Well, according to the latest statistics they are! Take a look below to separate affair fact from affair fiction and get the lowdown on what’s really going on in British bedrooms with these fifteen fascinating facts.

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  1. It’s estimated that up to 60% of all married couples in the UK will have an affair at some stage in their relationship.
  2. Around 2% of all children born in the UK are as a result of an affair and the majority don’t know that the man bringing them up is not their father.
  3. Under 30s are having more affairs than ever thanks to the current obsession with social media and internet affair sites which make it incredibly easy to cheat.
  4. Relationship advisers often claim that there are visible signs if someone is cheating but according to research there are no viable ways to tell if your partner I playing way except asking them outright.
  5. Our French cousins think nothing of infidelity and it’s common for men to have mistresses, whilst the number of philandering wives is on the increase. By contrast, in some places in the Middle East and Africa people caught in an illicit affair can be sentenced to death.
  6. Women are becoming more financially independent which many experts believe is causing them to act more like men, which could explain the increase in the number of women embarking on affair.
  7. The act of loving more than one person, or polyamory, is possible, but it’s the logistical difficulties of juggling multiple partners that puts most people off the idea.
  8. Brits work longer hours than any other European country which means we often spedn more time with colleagues than we do with our other halves. This, together with an increase in female employees is leading to more office romances and affairs.
  9. Cheating often happens when emotions are heightened which means cheaters can act irrationally, so much so that people who have affairs are often shocked by their reckless behaviour after the event.
  10. An Emotional affair can be as damaging as a physical one but the prevalence of the internet has made it more difficult to define what constitutes an online affair and what is harmless flirting.
  11. Biological research has shown that whilst it is possible for humans to remain monogamous, it may not necessarily be a part of our human nature.
  12. Most people who are married or in long term relationships fantasize about being with someone else. Women are more likely to fantasize about a celebrity whilst men are more likely to think about someone they know.
  13. Couples in the UK today are more likely to be involved in unusual practices like dogging, swinging and open relationships than the previous generation.
  14. People who cheat are most likely to meet the person they cheat with online, either through a marital affair site or a social media network.
  15. The office is the second most common place to embark on an affair and the third most likely way to cheat is with a friend or member of your spouse’s family.

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