Fifty Shades of Grey

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Posted: December 4, 2012

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Don’t just read Fifty Shades of Grey: How a mouse click can get you the real thing.

An adventurous man looking for experimental fun without the monotony of a full-time partner. An adventurous woman hungry for new experiences, willing to escape her good-girl image for a while. Sound familiar?

Fifty Shades of Grey - Marital Affair

It will if you’ve read, or read about, Fifty Shades of Grey. And it will if you’ve successfully negotiated a fling on this website. The characters in the ‘mommy novel’ hit, which got the whole world hooked in a matter of weeks, could very well have been lifted straight off the pages of

Their desires, sexual adventurousness, thrill in meeting a stranger and their need for escape from the daily grind are exactly the reasons why our members join us.

Since the best-selling naughty phenomenon took kindles by storm, we’ve been getting far more visitors having a sneak click on our site. What we know from feedback is that thousands of you have harboured fantasies for months, years even. But it seemsFifty Shades of Grey is making you bolder. There’s a whole new domain of people looking for their own fifty shades experience. Thousands of you are signing up for a temporary, harmless diversion from everyday life with a willing playmate eager to join the journey. What could be better than that?!

Twenty million people are reading Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s a lot of people who share one horny fantasy. But must we get our sex thrills vicariously through the pages of the book? He who dares gets the real thing…

For those of you who’ve been buried under a rock for the last ten weeks, our masculine protégé Christian Grey manages to get his hands on what every man wants – an incredibly desirable woman, Anastasia Steele, with as much stamina and up-for-it attitude as him. And what’s more she’s happy to keep all their sordid secrets to herself.

Though EL James dresses it all up as a sub-dom relationship – it’s like any other hush-hush bit on the side. It is whatever you want to make it. Christian Grey and Anastasia very smoothly negotiated a no strings arrangement, based on pleasure, fun and a pact to keep it quiet. They each promised each other mutual excitement and a fresh experience. Christian pens out a big long contract of their sexual obligations spanning fifty pages. You needn’t go to that much trouble! Members on this site just lay out what they want in their profiles and then perfect the small print when they meet.

The real fantasy is just as addictive as the fictional one. When you’re trapped in a marriage that has become all about domesticity and gas bills, there’s more than room for a brief fantasy fling to be acted out. Many may have a black and white view about having an affair. But we know that this site – and the reasons that brought you here – are fifty shades of grey – in many more ways than one.