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Posted: August 15, 2012

Footballers Affair and the alleged

The index that keeps pace with the footballers that have affairs.

Footballers are busy people, on and certainly off the pitch. Not all, but a small select group have made the headlines over the last 12-18 months as a result of thier alledged affairs. In order to keep track on who is the most famous adulterer, we have created a table of the players that have been in the limelight.

The index is calculated by using a formula based around search terms within the Google index and processing a normalisation. This gives a fair even number to each player.

We will be updating the index regularly and you will see the movements as they happen. We will also be adding new football players should they get caught having an affair, or become the spot light as a result of an alledged affair.

We have 9 players in the index, one manager, Mr Arsene Wenger for the alledged affair with Sonia Tatar, a French Singer. Mr Wenger requested privacy from the worlds media when this was taking place, so naturally, we will do the same and move onto the next one.

John Terry stunned the world with his affair with underwear model and actress, Vanessa Perroncel, a partner of Wayne Bridge’s at that time. Unfortunately for John, even a Super Injuction didn’t save his bacon as it was lifted dramatically by Mr Justice Tugendhat.

Ryan Giggs Tops The August 2012 Table

Ryan Giggs AffairThe Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas affair was the scandal of 2011. Ryan had won a gagging order to stop details of the affair reaching the public, with good reason of course. Ryan has two children, a wife and a career filled with sponsorships, some say up £24mln worth of sponsorships and a lot of this is achieved through his clean cut image, the family man. Miss Thomas evenutally sold her account of the story through Max Clifford which appeared in The Sunday Mirror, in April 2011 and a few weeks late, Ryan Giggs name was being circulated around the internet as ‘The married footballers’ identity. It seems very much that more you try and hide your misdemeanours, the more people are willing to find them. Eventually Giggs was mentioned by MP John Hemming used parlimentary privelage to name him. A secret is not always a secret forever, which is demonstrated with Ryan being top of the Affair table over a year after his affair.