Getting Fit for Fun – In Bed!

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: August 21, 2014

Sex is one of the most enjoyable physical workouts you will get. However like any physical activity, it’s usually a lot easier, and more enjoyable, if you are already in shape. A regular workout routine can not only help you get the body image you want and make you more attractive, it can also directly impact your sex dating and ability to perform in the bedroom as well.

getting fit helps sex

Appearance matters

Having a strong and healthy physique makes you attractive to the opposite sex, often in spite of any undesirable qualities you may have otherwise. Healthy mates are naturally more attractive, and physical prowess is something we are socially conditioned to value.

This doesn’t mean you have to consider becoming a body builder. A flat stomach and a toned physique go a long way. Eliminating love handles and rolls is a step in the right direction, after that consider body definition and your proportions.

Running and cardio based exercises are a quick way to eliminate unwanted body fat. Light weights, and body based activities like pull-ups and push-ups will help you with building body definition and strength. You should also make sure that you stay hydrated, eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid skipping meals.

Stamina and sexual performance

It may seem obvious that stamina and endurance will help your sexual performance, but many don’t know how to approach this. Aerobic exercise and running are great ways to build up your endurance and stamina. Getting the blood flowing better throughout your body has obvious benefits for both men and women.

Flexibility is always a plus

Regardless of your gender, being limber and flexible will help you in the bedroom. In addition to not straining yourself during sex, you will be more fluid, able to easily manoeuvre and match your partner’s movements and rhythm. Flexibility will also give you a wider variety of sexual positions you can attempt without difficulty. This can help to keep things interesting and exciting. You’ll also be more attractive to your partner because you can do things others can’t and you’ll have fewer limits.


While good looks and endurance are certainly important for getting physical in the bedroom, don’t overlook strength. Strength plays an important role in being able to perform sexual feats that will impress your partner. The ability to make sudden moves and do so fluidly and with confidence will ultimately come down to strength in the end.

This is going to require more than just weight lifting and focusing on your upper body. Leg strength is an important factor in sex, particularly in certain positions and obviously when having sex standing or while holding up your partner. Make sure you are doing leg lifts, as well as running and also abdominal exercises to strengthen your back and core.

The stronger your body is overall, the more power it will have to please your partner.