“Why Are You Late?” Know the Excuse Before You Get There

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: July 4, 2014

get excuses ready for affair

When you’re having an affair, you can find yourself not getting home when you should. You really want to hook-up with them, but it interferes with your schedule. So you decide to just not head home like you are supposed to. If you don’t prepare yourself with a solid excuse, your secret affair risks exposure. Here are some ideas that are sure to keep you out of the hot seat when you go missing from home.

Believability is your only friend

Your excuse needs to be believable. You need to make up an excuse that would actually take up the length of time that you were missing. Getting stuck in traffic, helping someone with a flat tyre, or you just lost track of time may not always satisfy the person at home. Try excuses like this:

• Come in with flowers and say ‘I had to hunt all over town to get these’.

• Someone at work (that they don’t know) was telling you their sad life story.

• Someone had run out of petrol and you made sure they were safely on their way.

If you are kind like this anyway, these are more believable and they will help to keep you out of trouble. Flowers will make them never question what you were up to. Believability is your only friend when you are trying to cover up an affair.

Stick to your lie

Changing your story is the fastest way to get caught. They will pose questions to you in a hundred different angles. Once you slip up, they’ll believe that they know what you were up to. Chances are they’ll think you are having an affair, so stick to your lie.

You should practice your lie several times. If you have friends that will support your lie, make sure they have it down as well. Even if you are only thinking of having an affair, start practicing your story of why you didn’t come home on time. The more you practice, the more believable you become. That is only if you stick to your lie the way that you told it the first time.

Remember, you have to go home sometime…

Staying out overnight is a sure fire way to get caught in the act of an affair. Make sure you plan to go home sometime. Keep the time you are gone limited to how long the lie would actually take. Having an affair and not going home when you are supposed to should be all part of the fun. However, that fun ends quickly if you don’t have a game plan. Make sure you think your actions through before you go home. That way you never have to answer for you dirty deeds. Enjoy the affair with no one knowing why you just happened to be late back that night.