How to Keep a Facebook Affair Under Wraps

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: September 17, 2013

Facebook Affair

Recent statistics gleaned from one of our surveys has found that thousands of people are now using Facebook to indulge in a little infidelity.

The website conducted a survey of 800 members to discover whether they’d been caught in the act and discovered that 41% of those questioned explained that a Facebook dalliance had led to their downfall.

Despite these statistics, social media and mobile related mistakes are still responsible for most affairs being uncovered. 61% of those questioned admitted they’d been caught out by a saucy text, whilst findings from Divorce-Online, A UK based website, revealed that 20% of the divorce papers submitted to their site mentioned ‘Facebook’ within the petition.

However, the social media savvy amongst us still manage not to get caught out by a little bit of Facebook flirting or even a full blown affair. So if you’ve recently  been ‘facebombed’ by an old flame and would like nothing more than a re-ignition then follow these top tips to make sure you keep it all under wraps.

1. Eyes to the Wall

Your Facebook activity is automatically logged on your wall so if you want to keep things secret make sure you manually delete activity like the friends you’ve added from your page.

2. Pick your Browser

Private BrowsingSome browsers allow private browsing and some don’t. You can browse privately with Safari, which won’t store your history or cookies, so you won’t need to remember to go in and delete once a session’s finished.


3. Check your Settings

Make sure you’ve opted for ‘privacy’ in your Facebook settings. That way only your friends will be able to see your activity – so spouse’s hunting for incriminating evidence won’t find anything.

4. Make a Fake Account

Fake AccountIf you’re worried about who’s watching you then create another account and only invite those you want as friends. Ensure you use a new email address that’s dissimilar to your usual one otherwise you could be discovered with a Facebook Friends email search.



5. No ‘Remember Me’

It may be more convenient but never click the keep me logged in or remember me button as it’s all too easy to forget you’ve done it when you log out.

The Easy Way to Cheat

Judging by these rules a Facebook affair sounds like pretty hard work, but there is a much easier route to take. A site like Marital Affair, the UKs most popular place for illicit encounters, is the best route to take if you’re looking for a little excitement and you don’t want to run the risk of getting caught.

On sites like Marital Affair you can browse members, send messages and chat just like you can on Facebook, but unlike Facebook there’s very little risk of being discovered – unless of course your spouse joins the same site, in which case they wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on!

The ‘retrosexual’ affair, i.e. starting something up with an old flame or school mate on Facebook, is becoming more and more prevalent, but mamma always told me ‘never go backwards’, so opt for something completely new and totally exciting instead! Avoid Facebook forays that are so easy to mess up and choose a dating site like Marital Affair instead.