Is Your Married Affair Leading to More than Just Sex

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: September 25, 2014

You’ve been in an extramarital affair that has been based upon mutual sexual attraction for some time, but something has changed.  For some reason you don’t have the same feelings for your man (if you are having an affair with a married man).  You may wonder what is happening.  Could it be possible that your affair is becoming about more than just sex? There are some tell-tale signs that may signal the sexy romps with your married partner are transforming into a different kind of marital affair that you may not have intended on having.

How to distinguish the sex only affair
These married affairs are mainly based upon sex and lust with little emotional attachment between the partners. The relationship can be intense, particularly in the beginning, but the fire is usually short in duration and fizzles out over time.  Sex only marital affairs couples don’t usually have a lot to talk about and go on with their own separate and private lives with the exception of their intimate rendezvous meetings.

Each participant realises that there is no implied commitment from the other, with the exception of enjoying their sexual encounters with one another. Therefore, there are no expectations of taking the relationship beyond the romps in the hay.  When these characteristics begin to change, it is fair to assess that the relationship is about to move from a sex only relationship into something based more upon emotions.

Signs that a sex only affair is becoming an emotional affair
When the feelings change for one or both partners, there may be a longing to be with one another and to spend more time together outside of the purely sexual contact that you used to enjoy.  Telephone calls become more frequent as well as email and chatting sessions.  When a couple who are having an affair begin to spend more non-sexual quality time together the relationship is beginning to evolve.  A sense of emotional attachment means that the relationship is no longer sex only, although sex may still be a big part of the union.

Discussing future plans
Talking about the future and including the affair partner in long term goals is an additional sign that the married affair dating experience is taking a turn.  This indicates that feelings stretching beyond lust are forming and there is a desire to build a future life together.

Thoughts of leaving a spouse
When a partner shows signs of wanting more out of the affair than sex, they may entertain the thought of leaving their current spouse or partner.  This is the red flag that signals that they are willing to make personal sacrifices to be with their affair partner. When partners involved in a lust driven relationship begin to develop emotional attachments to their married affair partners, these serve as strong indicators that the affair is moving from sex only to a matter of the heart.  The desire to spend more quality time together that is not solely based upon sex is a red flag that the relationship is changing. In order to remain a sex only marital affair, sex must be the primary reason for the attraction – anything else and it is likely to be heading down an altogether more emotional path.