What does your job say about your fidelity?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: June 20, 2014

work and sex

Did you know that certain sectors of the employment industry are more likely to cheat on their partners than others? Research has shown that those involved in extracurricular activity are more likely to come from the higher ranges of the salary scale.

This probably isn’t that surprising when you think of some of the financial implications that go along with having an affair in 21st century. After all, no one goes to the trouble of having an affair just to get the same humdrum routine that they can find at home now do they? No, when it comes to having an affair, and doing things properly, having a few quid on the hip is always going to come in handy. Champagne, hotels – some may even splash out on foreign travel – all cost money. So which profession puts it about the most? Let’s take a look in reverse order.

10.    Sales – With the gift of the gab on their side it’s hardly surprising that the sales men and women of the UK are having plenty of fun behind their spouses back. Plus with all that commission flying about it is easy to see why they have made the top ten.

9.    Management and HR – Being in management means that you wield a certain amount of power, and with power comes sex. Managers and recruiters are showing that good things come to those at the top of the tree and let’s face it guys, who hasn’t wished for a secretary at some point in their lives?

8.    Travel and Hospitality – Moving around, meeting new people every day, plenty of booze being drunk at every opportunity, it is little wonder that those who work in the travel and hospitality industry have made the grade with a healthy 8

7.    Homemakers – Those who paint the picture of an idyllic home life where they stay indoors baking all day, maybe with the odd spot of flower arranging have been rumbled.

6.    Government – Well, the only surprise here is that the dirty dogs aren’t higher up the table. Typical politicians, always letting you down.

5.    Advertising/Marketing/PR – If you want to sell something, you’ve got to be able to sell yourself first is the old adage. Looks like good people in the ad world have stuck to that. Plus, you’ve seen Mad Men right? Jeez, Don Draper can’t even get into a lift with having it away with someone!

4.    Executive/Director – This is management on steroids, no surprises here.

3.    Healthcare/Medical   – There’s a reason why people ask ‘Do you want to play doctors and nurses?’ In at number 3 despite the long working hours, good work people!

2.    Legal – At number two is the legal eagles. Maybe it’s something to do with all those wigs and frocks – and that’s just the men.

1.    Financial Services – Ahh, there you have it, our number one. As if you needed another excuse to hate the bankers! Now we find out that they are having more sex than the rest of us too. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, is it?