London’s Top Cheating Neighbourhoods

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Posted: March 10, 2014

If statistics are to be believed then everyone is at it in our nation’s capital. According to data from the UK’s leading affair website, London is the place where you’re most likely to find someone to embark on an affair with and it’s the most salubrious areas of the city where you’ll discover the most cheating going on.

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A recent survey revealed London’s top cheating neighbourhoods – here are the results:

1. Richmond

2. Hampstead

3. Notting Hill

4. The City

5. Wandsworth

6. Chelsea

7. Chiswick

8. Queen’s Park

9. Putney

10. Greenwich

But why are there such a large concentration of cheaters in the big smoke?  Relationship expert Sarah King thinks she knows the answer.

‘Obviously London is the UK’s most densely populated area, which explains why the city has the most cheaters, but it’s not just a question of numbers that make London the nation’s cheating capital.

Londoner’s work longer hours, have more stressful lives and are more likely to work away from home than people from other towns and cities, which all adds up to the perfect recipe for an affair.’

James Turner, a barrister who loves in Notting Hill, explained why he decided to join a marital affair dating site:

‘I often work fourteen hour days and I need a release every now and again. My wife has never had as high a sex drive as me and I was becoming incredibly frustrated. But I had no intention of leaving her. I decided to give an affair site a go and it was the best decision I ever made! I’ve met a couple of wonderful women and because my wife is so used to me working long hours, she’s none the wiser.’

And Jenny Cross from Putney believes embarking on an affair saved her relationship:

‘I head up a successful marketing firm and although he won’t admit it, my husband, who earns less than me, feels a little emasculated by my success. As a result, he has, to all intents and purposes, cut off our sexual relationship. So I joined a marital affair website and had some very exciting after work encounters instead. I was considering calling quits on my relationship but now I’ve joined an illicit encounter site I can’t see a reason to.’

Wales Plays Catch Up

Believe it or not, the second densest cheating area in the UK is Wales and the country is quickly catching up with London in terms of the number of cheaters and the rapidly growing army of marital affair website members. Here are the top cheating areas in Wales as revealed by the UK’s leading affair website, Marital Affair:

10. Haye-on-Wye

9. Cowbridge

8. Radyr, Cardiff

7. Penylan, Cardiff

6. Dinas Powys

5. Mumbles

4. Llandudno

3. Bangor

2. Cardiff Bay

1. Lisvane, Cardiff

Quiet country life and stress at work are listed as Welsh cheater’s biggest reasons for embarking on an affair, so whether you’re looking to Bangor or bang ‘im, Wales is a great place to search!