Adult Dating Guidelines 2013 – Men

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 15, 2013

Man Sucessful with Adult DatingWhether you’re in a relationship looking for an illicit encounter or young, free, single and seeking no strings fun, online adult dating services could be just what you need. If you’re ready to embark on the exciting adventure of a lifetime then take a look at these top tips before you start adult dating.

1. Your Photo

When you place a photo on an adult dating site it doesn’t need to be of your face, but you do need some kind of photo if you want any replies to your messages. If you are going to use your face (and if you’re not in a relationship there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t) then opt for a friendly rather than sexy expression, as it’s much easier to pull off a smile than a pout! I know what you’re thinking – can I use a picture of my ‘best feature’? Well, you can use a pic of Jnr on your profile but if your assets are not as special to others as they are to you, serving them up on a plate may turn potential daters off.

2. Your Profile

When it comes to sex, men are often more attracted to images and women tend to be turned on by words, so take time with your profile for the best chance of making girls go weak at the knees. Come up with a snappy headline and make what you write upbeat and fun. Using humour can determine the type of girl who’s likely to respond to you -if you’d rather attract women that you can talk to, as opposed to just ‘any woman’, then expressing your own unique sense of humour is a great idea. However, if you aren’t planning to spend too much time conversing with the lady in question, then steal someone else’s generic humour (any inoffensive primetime TV comedian will do…Michael McIntyre) and catch all the fish in the barrel – just make sure you steer clear of the prawns!

3. Try Upgrading

Don’t be a stinge! If you can’t be bothered to upgrade then ladies are likely to think you can’t be bothered to rock their worlds either. The majority of adult dating sites cost the equivalent of a few pounds every month – you probably spend more than that on aspirational fitness magazines alone- so what’s the harm! Make an effort, give the dating site your all and take advantage of everything on offer if you want to get the most out of your experience. Put in and get out – one of the many rules of adult dating that also applies to life in general!

4. Send Mixed Messages

Send lots of messages to lots of different people. The more messages you send the more likely it is you’ll get replies. There are far more men than women on adult sites, meaning the girls are really holding the reins – the most effective thing you can do to stand out from the crowd is create a powerful profile with an arresting image and message as many girls as possible to make sure they see it! So whether you’re the Adonis of Accrington or the Clooney of Carlisle, follow these top tips to get the best from your adult dating experience.