Married? Look for a friend with benefits

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: May 23, 2014

Looking for a married datinf partner

For some people, the person they married has sexual chemistry and attraction that lasts as long as they are together. For others, though, sex falls by the wayside after a while, and while both partners get along well, and they enjoy their lives together, the sex isn’t sizzling like it could be. If this is you, you’re not alone. There are plenty of other married people like you, both men and women, who love their spouses but also want more in the bedroom than what they are getting right now.

Get it on, get online

This is where a married dating website can help you. While it is possible to meet a friend with benefits at a party, a club, or at the gym, the taboos that still keep many people uptight mean that it can be more difficult to form that sort of friendship that way. By setting up a profile on a married dating website, you can meet other people who are looking for the same thing you are, from the comfort of your own computer.

Married dating has a lot in common with single dating, except that there is no pressure to form a lasting relationship with the new friend (or friends!) that you make. If both of you are already married and have no desire to leave your spouses, then the two of you have the freedom to have as much fun as you want without worrying about the consequences down the road. You’re not shopping for a new spouse; you just want to have some fun.

Make your profile work for you

This means that your profile needs to exude a sense of fun as well. Talk about some of the things you like to do outside the workplace. Put up a couple of pictures of yourself out and having fun. Just because your husband or wife doesn’t like art museums or fashion shows doesn’t mean that your new friend won’t. While your spouse goes out with his or her friends, you get an evening out with someone whom you are meeting for the first time. The thrill that goes with new encounters doesn’t have to end just because you’re married; instead, you’re looking for new people to add to an already robust life.

So if you’re looking for a friend with benefits, set up a profile that will show others how much of a good time you can be. There’s no reason to be raunchy, but expressing what you want in an open and honest way is the best way to get those desires fulfilled. There’s no reason to spend the rest of your life missing out on your own wants and needs just because they don’t match your spouse’s. If you carry this out the right way, you can make your life happier for yourself while keeping your home running smoothly as well.