Married Men Look to Manage Their Affairs

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Posted: February 24, 2014

A new survey from the UK’s leading marital affair dating site has found that one in 12 married men gave a Valentine’s Day gift to someone other than their wife this past Valentines Day. It seems that the ‘Love Actually’ scenario of the happily married husband falling for the newest office hottie is not just a fiction. According to the poll, married men are most likely to purchase a secret Valentine’s gift for a co-worker.

valentines day gift

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your other half just how much you care with the obligatory flowers, chocolate or perfume, but the latest survey has shown that more and more married men are showering co-workers with gifts because they’re having an affair with them, or in a bid to keep colleagues who know too much quiet!It seems that having an affair can quickly become an expensive business, with men having to buy a gift both for their wife and their mistress, not to mention two birthday gifts and two lots of gifts at Christmas. In these cash strapped times, one has to ask oneself, is it really worth it? What’s more, could the current economic climate be scuppering men’s marital affair plans?

The survey showed that flowers, chocolates or a meal in a restaurant are the gifts most commonly given to husbands by their wives, whilst women are more likely to prepare a home cooked meal. However, on average, men spend twice as much on a gift for their mistress as they do for their partner and are more likely to buy them jewellery, underwear or other expensive items such as designer handbags.

The study revealed that of those men giving gifts to co-workers, the majority did not consider gift giving to be a romantic gesture, but 58% admitted they would not tell their partner about the gift, but 32% said they would tell their partner if they were planning to buy a Valentine’s gift for a co-worker.

Daniel Julian, a business owner from Staines upon Thames, explained that he always buys his female staff a gift on Valentine’s Day as a reward for their hard work.

‘My female staff all get a box of chocolates on February 14th and my wife knows all about it. Perhaps if I singled out one staff member it would be inappropriate, but I think it’s just a nice gesture.’

But John Davis from Bolton hasn’t let his wife know about the extra Valentine’s gift he’s purchasing this year.

‘I’m planning on buying my colleague a nice bunch of flowers. We get on really well and do flirt a lot, but there’s nothing more to it than that. But my wife would not be happy to hear I’d bought flowers for someone else so I won’t be telling her.’

And it appears some women are getting in on the act too! Sarah James, a Business Analyst from Harrow, is planning to buy her business partner a gift this Valentine’s Day.

‘We’re not having an extra-marital affair, but Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to show my partner I appreciate him, even if it’s only in a platonic way!’

So if you found yourself buying gifts for someone other than your wife or husband this valentines maybe you should consider broadening your purchase horizons with Marital Affair.