Are Members of the Upper Class More Likely to Have an Affair?

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Posted: July 31, 2014

upper class have affair more likely

There are times when it seems as if the only people engaging in extramarital affairs are those with money.  Let’s face it, you rarely hear about the couple down the street getting caught up in a cheating scandal.  Conversely, you can name several members of the upper class that have been involved in an affair.  From Rupert Sanders to Prince Charles, once you begin thinking of names, the list is endless.  Nevertheless, is this correct?  Are members of the upper class more likely to become involved in an affair?  Let’s explore this further.

The facts​

​According to countless surveys and reports, as well as expert opinion, this is a fact.  A study reported in The Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy found that approximately 50% of women and 60% of men will engage in at least one affair during their marriage.  It is difficult to pinpoint specific statistics based on income.  However, experts in the field of extramarital affairs agree that wealthy individuals, both male and female, are more likely to find themselves engaged in more than one relationship.


​Based on an anonymous online survey, the perception of power plays the greatest role in infidelity.  It should come as no surprise that individuals with a higher net worth typically have more power than others. There is no discrepancy between men or women.  Those with money are simply more inclined to cheat, whether they are male or female.  Of course, there are many additional reasons why the upper class is more prone to cheating, including:

•The rich tend to have a sense of entitlement and invulnerability.  This leads them to believe that they can get away with becoming involved in a dalliance simply because of who they are.  If they do get caught, they often think they can use their money to make the situation go away.

•The wealthy are more likely to take risks, as well as continually look for excitement and challenges, than working class individuals.  Having an affair provides quite the adrenaline rush. 

•They are more likely to be faced with temptation.  Let’s face it money tends to make you more attractive to others.  It is not unusual for men and women to aggressively pursue a relationship with someone who has money, regardless of whether or not they are already involved with a partner.

•They tend to have a lifestyle that allows for an increased opportunity to participate in an affair.  The wealthy are more likely to have to stay out late for business meetings, as well as travel without their spouse.  This also provides the perfect cover for why they are away from home so frequently and at odd times. 

​Without a doubt, the media will always keep us updated on which rich men and women have been stepping out on their spouse, particularly if they face negative repercussions.  Gossip, after all, sells.