Men’s Favourite Sexual Fantasies

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 30, 2014

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If you look at any research paper on the subject and they will give you a percentage of how many men indulge in sexual fantasies such as affair dating or cheating, usually in the region of 70% to 80%. However, when dealing with real people who are not actively being queried or polled, the actual number rests more closely at 100%. This is as it should be. Sexual fantasising is a form of expression in healthy males that is perfectly normal. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all men are comfortable admitting to it or sharing this information, but do you think that stopped us asking? Here’s what we found were the most common fantasies for men.

Sexual encounter with a stranger

Putting societal expectations aside, some men have a longing to sweep a beautiful stranger off of her feet in a daring and spontaneous adventure. There is an inherent thrill in a spur of the moment, raw sexual encounter (or at least the thought of them) that has an appealing quality to men. This is something that our members at Marital Affair know about all too well, affair dating is on the rise and it is a great way to feed this particular sexual fantasy.

Having a threesome with two women

The majority of men freely shared that they fantasise about a sexual experience with two women. The sight of women touching each other sexually has an erotic impact upon many men. Couple this with two women stimulating the man’s nether regions and you have the recipe for an erotic buffet with plenty of delicacies for sampling.

Role playing

Some men have certain fantasies about their ladies dressed in sexy costumes whilst acting out certain scenes that drive them wild with desire. The roles range from sexy nurse that must attend to the needs of the willing patient, or the bad student who needs correction from the teacher, through to hundreds of other scenarios that take him into a created situation where he can play out his deepest fantasies.

Sex with no strings attached

For many men there is a primal urge to have the hottest, nastiest and dirtiest sex imaginable with no emotional attachment or feelings of social guilt or embarrassment. This fantasy is often referred to as the prostitute fantasy as it is done discretely and hidden from the prying eyes of others without the fear of judgment.


Men enjoy using their visual senses and there is something wildly erotic about peeking at a woman that is off limits or who doesn’t know she’s being observed. It’s obvious that men heavily enjoy the use of their visual abilities and this is evidenced by the booming porn industry.

Sex in risky locations

Some men are turned on by the threat of getting caught while in the act of sex. There is something deeply thrilling about doing the deed with people in the next room, having sex in the toilet at a busy club or getting it on in the car park after a formal dinner.

Having sex with a virgin

In these modern times, finding a partner who is still a virgin can be a rare treat. The rarity, combined with the excitement of being the first man to teach her the facts of life, make this a common fantasy among men.

Being dominated

Some men find a woman who is sexually dominating highly erotic. They fantasise about being taken by their ladies, commanded and controlled. There are times when men want women to initiate sex forcefully and to take charge in the bedroom.