One-Night Stands: Are They Right For You?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: September 3, 2015


Ah, one-night stands. There’s no more misunderstood part of the whole adult dating scene than the age old fling and forget. Why this particular way of getting your rocks off proves to be so difficult for the majority of us to get our heads around is unsurprising when you think about it.

Media bias towards the sanctity of marriage, the way our friends speak of others who indulge in the practise and our upbringings can all influence the way we feel about the prospect of a one-night stand. So, how do we decide if they are right for us, or if we should avoid them like the proverbial plague? Let’s take a look at a few pointers:

Know yourself

In order to get the most out of a string of one-night stands, it is vitally important that you know yourself first. Examine who you are, look at your values and morals, and question yourself about your emotional stability. If any of these conflict with the idea of sleeping with multiple partners for one night only then you’re probably best off sticking to longer-term affairs and relationships.

Know what you want

It is often the case that the post one-night stand blues can be the result of something more deep-seated than we may think. If you secretly yearn for a long-term relationship then one-night stands are never going to fulfil your needs. Again, you are better off avoiding them altogether. Concentrate your efforts into finding the love of your life and forget about the one-off fling.

However, if all you are looking for is some no strings attached fun to get you through a lonely night or two, one-night stands are definitely the way to go.

Know what you’ll get

One-night stands are, first and foremost, all about the physical side of things. If you are looking to connect on a more emotional level there’s a good chance that a one-night stand will leave you feeling low and disappointed. For those who crave this emotional side longer-term affairs are the way to go.

They will provide you with the connection that causes the chemistry between you to rise, sparking that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you cannot ignore. One-night stands provide the sexual release without the emotional commitment, but for many the purely physical aspect simply isn’t enough.

Finally, drop the misconceptions

Whether you decide to indulge or not is by the by, the important thing to remember is not to judge others. It can be easy to make judgements without thinking things through fully, but you do so at your peril. Making assumptions about those who enjoy one-night stands simply because of what you’ve heard or read can be dangerous.

The majority of people indulging in one-night stands are not freaks or idiots, they’re just normal people like you who are looking for a good time. Don’t miss out on something that could be fun just because of what you’ve been conditioned to think.