Is There An Optimum Length for an Affair Dating Journey?

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 2, 2014

optimum length for an affair dating journey
Affair Dating stories are as individual as the two people involved in them.  Some last for several years, even a lifetime, while others may fizzle out after one night.  Is there an optimum length for an affair?  Should they be long, short, or does it really matter at all?  These are some questions that married partners who are active in affairs outside of the marriage may ask.  The answer is that it depends upon your preferences and several other factors that may be affecting your life.

Reasons for having an affair
People, both male and female have their own reasons for becoming involved in an affair.  Perhaps there is no love left in the relationship or a partner is unable to perform sexually.  It’s also possible that the couple is emotionally separated, but for social or financial reasons, cannot or do not totally end the relationship publicly. There are many reasons that people may choose to start an affair in the first place, and the duration of time that the affair lasts is often tied to that.  For example, getting back at a spouse may result in short term affairs just to prove a point either to the self or the spouse.

Type of affair you are involved in
There are several different types of affairs.  Sex only affairs are primarily based upon sexual attraction or need for sexual fulfilment.  One or both partners may be committed to their spouses on an emotional level, or for other reasons may have no desire to end their marital ties.  Emotional affairs may begin when friends or co-workers begin to form strong emotional ties to one another.  These affairs are generally the longest lasting in duration as the affair partners often desire one another’s company.  Sex may be a part of the relationship, but the overriding factor that keeps the affair going is their emotional attachment.

Life circumstances that affect your affair
The events and conditions that affect your life can affect the duration of an affair.  Perhaps the threat of a spouse to end the marriage will force a choice to end the affair before you had planned to, or other domestic circumstances including job security or social disapproval. The affair partner may wish to take the relationship to a level that you are not comfortable with, forcing a choice upon you of whether or not you should continue.  There are many circumstances which can affect the duration of the affair and these can ultimately force a premature discontinuation.

There is no ideal timeline in which to carry on with an affair.  There are many factors that can influence the need and desire to stay in the relationship.  The optimum length of an affair depends upon the life circumstances, preferences and individual needs of each person involved.  Some will be short, lasting a day, and others may last a few years or a lifetime.