Personality Traits People Look for on Married Dating Sites

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 7, 2015


There are many different things that people look for in a person they want to have an affair with. A lot of this comes down to the physical and sexual attraction you feel for each other. However, there are also some personality traits that people want their married dating partner to have and some of these are as follows:

A Fun Sense of Humour

Having a fun side and a good sense of humour are probably the two traits that people find most desirable when looking for partners on an affair dating site. People want to have a good time when they are having an affair, so they won’t want to meet up with someone who is miserable. To attract other members of a married dating site, try to show your fun side and your sense of humour in both your profile and the messages that you send.


Most people want to keep their affair secret, so a person who has the ability to be discreet is an important trait to look for in potential adult dating partners. They will want to spend time with someone to whom discretion is equally important. To make sure you find someone who wants to keep your meetings a secret, discuss this in messages before arranging to meet each other.

Open Mindedness

A lot of the people who join a married dating site are looking for new experiences. With this in mind, they are more likely to choose to spend time with someone who is open-minded, particularly with regards to sex. The ideal affair dating partner for many people is one that is willing to try new things and be a little experimental. Likewise, people do not want to be judged for their sexual preferences, so it is important to bear this in mind as well.


Something else people look for in an affair dating partner is an outgoing personality. Outgoing people are more likely to make the dating experience less awkward and this will mean you will have a better time together. As the majority of people are looking purely for a sexual relationship, they prefer not to meet with shy people who might need longer to progress to a physical relationship.


Even if the relationship is mainly based on physical attraction, having something to talk about is a bonus and intelligent people usually have a wider range of topics they are able to talk about. This can add to the enjoyment you experience when spending time together.

Although what each person wants from a sex dating partner is individual to them, possessing some of these personality traits will increase your chances of finding people who want you to be their married dating partner. Finding someone who also has these traits will add to your overall enjoyment while having an affair. For more tips on how to be successful on marital affair, check out this great article in our tips section.