Politics and Sex Are More Entwined Than You May Think

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: November 27, 2014


You may be married but if the fun has gone out of life with your partner then you might be thinking about signing up with us here at Marital Affair to put a little spice back into your life. It’s not unusual. Couples do fall out of love, or perhaps they still love each other but they’re not necessarily turned on by their partner any more.

However, before you take the plunge and look for some sexual fun elsewhere you might want to think a bit more carefully about just what might have come between you. Couples who share the same political beliefs tend to weather the storm better than those who don’t. Now you may not think that politics has anything to do with sex, but some research suggests that you’d be wrong. With this in mind, you might want to find out someone’s political leanings before you start dating them.

Not Living The Dream

When you first got married, you might have thought that you were about to start living the dream. Sometimes, what we wish was the case seems not to be borne out in reality, especially when it comes to marriage. When a marriage is new you are still finding out about each other, especially if you didn’t talk politics at all before you got married. Maybe some of your wife’s or husband’s views about where you should live, or what you should name your children, if you are blessed with them, may come as a complete surprise to you. Living in a tiny, top floor flat in an unsavoury part of the city, might have seemed like fun when you were still in the honeymoon stage. Surely your husband or wife didn’t anticipate that you’d carry on living like that forever, or did they?

Our Habits Rarely Belie Our Beliefs

Research suggests that where we live, and how we feel about it, is often a reflection of our political beliefs. Well, you might be thinking, ‘If I’d known that, I’d never have married the bugger!’ But it is this kind of thing that makes you think and wonder about whether you are married to the right person. Perhaps you’ll never know unless you try engaging with someone else, through a dating site for married people perhaps? Tell yourself that this time, whoever you choose to date will first have to explain their political position (no pun intended), their preferred location and type of dwelling before you’ll even go for a coffee with that person.

Seriously, there is significant research to suggest that our political leanings, even if we say we’re not interested in politics, affect almost every area of our lives. If our political viewpoint affects so many areas, then it probably follows that it affects how we relate to our sexual partner as well. So does this mean that if you vote conservative you only deal in the missionary position? And if you’re a liberal, does anything go? As for those who see themselves as socialists, are they inclined to be more social than is proper at the start? Joking aside, it seems to be the case that politics and sex are more entwined then we might actually think – you have been warned!