Signs You Need a New Married Dating Partner

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: December 16, 2015


Some people who look for a physical relationship outside of their marriage seek out one-night stands or casual sex with many different people, while others prefer to have a sex with just one person. There are pros to cons to each and what suits one person will not suit the next. If your preference is to have just one married dating partner over a period of time, it might be something that does not last forever.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are some signs to watch out for that may indicate that it is time to find someone new:

A Lack of Fun

Affair dating is something that should be enjoyable for all concerned. You should only continue to meet up if you both enjoy the time you spend together. The sex should be exciting and you should be having a good time. If it is no longer enjoyable and you are not having fun together, then it is time to call it a day.

Emotional Attachment

One of the biggest risks of having one married dating partner over a long period of time is that you may become emotionally attached to them or they may begin to develop feelings for you. This is a risky situation to be in, because when emotions are involved there is the potential of one or both of you getting hurt. Another problem is that there is an increased risk of you getting caught. If you are worried about emotional attachment, then it is time to move on and find a new partner.


Most people who try adult dating want to keep their actions a secret and only want to meet up with people who are just as keen to be discreet. If you are concerned that your affair dating partner may be indiscreet and put you at risk of getting caught, it is much better to end things and simply find someone else who you can have some no strings adult fun with.

Different Sexual Needs

Although there may be an initial physical attraction between you and your married dating partner when you first meet, the connection may no longer be there after a few meetings and you might find that you are not sexually compatible. Having similar sexual preferences is an important aspect of affair dating as the focus is generally on a physical relationship. To get the most out of the experience, you are better off finding a new partner with whom you are more compatible.

Things do not always work out with the first married dating partner you meet and there may be occasions when you need to find someone new to share fun times with. Looking for these signs will help you to know when it is time to move on and search for a new partner. Maybe you need to check out our tip ‘how to be successful with marital affair‘ to make sure you are ahead of the competition!