Smart Phones are changing the Way We Cheat

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: September 18, 2014

using smartphones to cheat

For those of us who are in the married affair dating game, there are great new advances in technology that are making it easier than ever to connect with people and stay better in touch. It is a fact that smart phones are changing the way that we cheat on our partners. New and improved applications are available that help us maintain a higher level of privacy and keep snooping spouses from tracking our activities through our smart phones.

Old cell phone technology vs. increased privacy measures

Up until recently, it was fairly easy to take a peek at all activity that took place on a cell phone. The call history kept track of all previous calls, both incoming and outgoing. While this is still true, and it pays to be careful, there are several new apps that are designed to carefully hide private calls from suspicious eyes.

The development of privacy codes was great, but not foolproof. If you are a creature of habit, your partner might guess the code and unlock your secrets. The best way to hide private information is to make it appear as though you’re not trying to hide it. That helps to put suspicions to rest and they are less apt to make a daily or nightly raid on your phone.

New kind of black book

Now the old pen and paper method of storing contact information is gone. There are now new apps that store all of your contact information in one secure, password protected area. What’s even better is that when a call comes in from people on this list, a smoke screen comes up instead of the number. The app lies hidden in the smart phone unless you know the code to make it appear.

Cleverly disguised private lists

Some privacy apps will appear on your phone as a perfectly innocent everyday app such as stock market tracker and it takes a code to access the information to your black book. However, you’re not tracking your financial portfolio! This one helps to cloak your private lists with a false façade, but it’s still secure as it is password protected.

Recalling texts

Have you ever sent a text and then worried about your second significant other getting angry and showing it around? There are new apps that actually allow you to recall the text that you just sent. This is great for those tense moments when you’re not quite sure what they are doing with your private messages.

Self-destructing texts

There is also a program that has an auto-destruct mode for texts and messages sent with a countdown similar to the clock on a bomb. After a set amount of time, the entire message disappears and is gone forever. If there’s a time when you accidentally leave your phone unattended – no problem – by sending a secret code in message form to your phone, you can wipe certain data from remote locations.

Overconfidence can get you caught

One final word on depending on new apps and privacy measures – while they are great tools and help to secure your privacy in many different ways, overconfidence can still get you caught. If you become careless, there are other ways that your partner can catch you, so be aware and play it safe.