Sure-fire Ways to Spot the Spark of an Affair

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: October 27, 2015


Chemistry is a tricky thing to nail, and you may only find it a few times in your life. So, if you do happen upon it, savour every minute. Some people have been so long without chemistry, they can’t even recognise it. Here are a few sure-fire ways to spot to sparks while you are adult dating:

You’re both laughing a lot

When there’s chemistry, everything is fun and funny. The bread arrives at your table, and it’s a hoot. Someone’s phone rings, and you’re giggling about it. You can just tell when laughter fills your ears that something special is happening.

You forget about what you’re doing

You might notice that the meal you have on the stove gets burnt, your food doesn’t get eaten and remains cold on the plate in front of you or you forget to leave for the movie on time. You’re just too engrossed in each other to worry about anything else! Take advantage of it and see where it can lead.

You’re touching each other

A couple with electrifying chemistry are bound to touch each other, but when you’re still getting to know one another at the start of your affair, the touching may be minimal at first. However, you’ll know that sparks are sailing when you are tapping and gesturing at each other freely within a few minutes of talking. She might pat your arm or brush some lint off of your shoulder. You might get an eyelash off of her cheek for her or help her down a step. Touching is one of the best signs out there, and it might lead to even more touching very soon.

You’re both smiling

Smiles are a really good sign, just like laughing is. But, smiles stay. You know there’s something special going on when you just can’t help but smile. This is true when you’re together, but it’s also true when you leave each other’s sides. If she leaves and you can’t get the smile off your face, that’s a big hint that chemistry is happening.

Time flies and you don’t want the night to end

Finally, when you just can’t stand the thought of leaving this person sitting in front of you, there must be the same feeling for her. People don’t get super excited about each other unless there is mutual admiration there. This means that if you are really hitting it off with someone else, they are likely hitting it off with you too. Your small talk is easy and the flow is great, you’re both happy and you don’t want the meet-up to end. These are all signs that something special is happening between you two. Cultivate it, and take things to the next step. Go in for the kiss, or perhaps something more!