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I’ve had over one hundred messages since I joined.

I have been a member of the site now for about 6 months now and would recommend it to anyone! Its the best adult dating site on the web and I’ve have had well over one hundred messages since I joined. I say if your not a member you should be.

Matt, Maidstone

I have been using Marital affair for 3 months and I have had a fantastic time.

I have been using Marital affair for 3 months and I have had a fantastic time. I have chatted to and met some fantastic people and would recommend the site to anyone. It’s not just for those wanting affairs, it’s good for honest talk too. Well thats me, Thanks for all the fun I’ve had.

Helen, Bristol

Thanks to Martial Affair I've got what I set out to find!

I just wanted to provide some positive feedback as I was very sceptical when I joined the Marital Affair website having had disappoining experiences on other similar sites. I had a lot of genuine response from like-minded women and was able to get to know them online. That in itself was an interesting experience – all women being different in their own way! So it as as much about the journey as the destination.

However the destination was even better than the journey. Having got to know a very nice woman on line, in the same situation as me, we met up for the first time and first impressions did not disappoint! We had to be very discreet but this all seemed to add the the enjoyment that came from the excitement. Since that first meeting, we have met several times and intend to do so many more! Both of us having been in our own marriages for so long, the feeling when we meet is like being single again, dating someone for the first time, but with that added ‘edge’ given by the secrecy.

So thanks to Martial Affair it has given me what I set out to find! I still use the site to enjoy the contact with other women, to chat and exchange experiences. Like living in my own Soap Opera!

Steve, Southampton

I was on the site for no longer than a few hours before I started receiving messages.

I joined the site for a month to see how things would go looking for strictly NSA with older women as u rarely bump into them in night clubs! I was on the site for no longer than a few hours before I started receiving messages and I started to reply to the ones i found interesting, there was a fair few but 1 woman stood out an we started emailing a lot and texting until 1 day we meet up at a hotel. We have been meeting on a weekly basis since.

Luke, Kent

Within days of joining I was receiving messages.

Just a short note to say what a great service you offer. Within days joining I was receiving messages and winks from very horny ladies in my area. Keep it up!

Wayne, Bournemouth

My evenings are now filled with great conversations and beautiful women.

I used to sit at home and roam the net the hours looking for a way to get a spark back into my life after the missus left me. I was ready to give up hope, when I came across this site on accident. Since that day my evenings are now filled with great conversations with beautiful women from all over the country and my sat nav has a few destinations saved in my favourites for more reasons than one! LOL.

Craig, Stevenage

Thanks marital affair. you’ve opened my eyes to a truly great website!

I met a member off this site nearly a week ago. She is absolutely stunning. We went for a drink and have met up a few times since. what a site!

Thanks marital affair. you’ve opened my eyes to a truly great website!

Ramon, Birmingham

Soon as I joined I met up with a lovely girl.

This has to be the best dating site out, within day’s of joining I was hooked up with a lovely girl from Dundee and what a time I’ve had since then, at least the girls on here are for real.

Thank’s MA

John, Glasgow

I've had some unforgettable experiences.

The Marital Affair website has introduced me to some remarkable women and some unforgettable experiences. The women and the experiences have both been good and… some slightly less good!

I first joined the site last autumn and enthusiastically wrote to every woman who fitted the broad requirements that I set on my searches. I must admit that I was quite sceptical at first, especially when women who I thought were nailed on certainties didnt bother to respond. However, I persevered and ended up chatting with half a dozen wonderful ladies, with varying degrees of success.

My advice to anyone who has any doubts about Marital Affair, persevere and be proactive; you have to be prepared to put some effort into your profile and the messages you send. As a previous sceptic I can assure you that its worth it.

Joe, Brighton

This site 'does what it says on the tin'.

Just to let you know this site “does what it says on the tin”. I joined on a Friday, had 6 winks/messages by the Monday & was enjoying some fun with a guy 8 miles away by Tuesday afternoon.

Kelly, Northampton

There are some really wonderful girls on here.

In my opinion, being honest has brought me honesty in return. That’s what I enjoy about Marital Affair, there are some really wonderful girls on here.

Martin, Leicester

Looking forward to many more satisfying liaisons.

Having been married for just over thirty years my wife’s sex drive had started to diminish. We had had a good sex life but now I felt that I was missing out and decided to “look elsewhere” for satisfaction. I’d heard of the Marital Affair site before and decided to give it a try. Having completed my profile I soon began receiving messages and winks from like minded people. The site enabled me to find a suitable partner using age and distance as criteria and before long I was able to find someone in a similar situation to myself. After a few messages we met up and decided to meet to see if we were compatible and it soon became obvious that we were like minded and both looking for a relationship outside of marriage.

Thanks to Marital Affairs, my sex drive has been fulfilled and I have now met three women from this site and look forward to many more satisfying liaisons.

Jez, Cornwall

I have now been a member for about 5 months and it has genuinely been so much fun.

I have now been a member for about 5 months and it has genuinely been so much fun. I had previously been a member of 2 other sites for short periods and was pretty cynical of the possibility of having some fun on any adult site. I have had 2 excellent meetings to date and have now experienced group activity on 2 mindblowing evenings, currently I am messaging with several really genuine women towards meeting.

On previous sites I was contacted by obvious ‘plants’ messaging with you just to keep you on the site…this patently does not happen on this site…the honesty of which does you great credit. While I still have difficulty in spotting those occasional members who just want to message but say they want to meet… this for some is a legitimate sort of membership in its own right.

I had thought that there weren’t enough search filters to be able to simple choose a particular type or age the system is as near perfect as I think it ought to be… it being better sometimes to not know if someone is married or single or their size or whatever until you have read a little about them. I simply often read profiles of members who may live a huge distance from me because the person is interesting or particularly attractive to find their profiles say they travel widely or are prepared to travel…I am messaging with 2 such ladies at the moment…one of which is travelling to see me from Fife to Cambridge! on 1 June for a long weekend.  May I wish the site great continuing success.

David, Cambridge