The Sad Fate of Single People

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: August 16, 2013

Dating and Relationship Infographic

As if you needed yet even more convincing that a good love life is also good for the soul, recent scientific studies show that a healthy sex life coupled with a strong emotional connection to your romantic partner can help you to live longer. On average, happily married people enjoy more time on this planet than their single counterparts. They also feel better and look better on average than single people do, and furthermore, they have more fun. Unfortunately, everything that your mother and other well-meaning members of your family told you about the horrors of growing old alone are true. Your hair will not be as shiny as the flowing tresses of those in happy relationships, and you are very likely to end your days as a miserable old crab living alone in a hovel and shunned by your community as you shuffle about in a ratty old robe mumbling to yourself.

If you are like most single people, you spend a significant amount of time trying to convince yourself that you are just fine the way that you are. You cling to this belief even when faced with facts such as scientific findings that prove that men who reach orgasm twice per week have a far less chance of dying than those who only manage to achieve sexual satisfaction once per month. If you are female, it is highly likely that the lack of romantic love that is a characteristic of your life will lead to an emotional breakdown that will cause you to amass cats.

As your mother has probably already told you, even if you should become lucky enough to find love at your advanced age, it will probably not last. If you should happen to find yourself in a less than happy relationship, both your physical and emotional health will be even more at risk than if you had just stayed single like your Aunt Desiree, who was nonetheless found under a pile of fashion magazines that were much too young for her in a home overrun by cats.

Source: Your Guide To A Degree