The Top Three Types of Affair

Posted by ma-admin
Posted: August 6, 2013

Couple having an affairHandled in the right way an affair through our adult dating service can be an amazing and unforgettable experience, but whether your affair turns out great or doesn’t end well, there’s usually another reason behind wanting to cheat. If you’ve been affected by infidelity, either your own or your partners, then take a look at these three types of affair to gain an insight into why infidelity happened in your relationship.

The Lust Affair

Who doesn’t want to experience that sudden lightning flash when you catch the eye of someone you find irresistible and go instantly weak at the knees? For most of us it won’t happen often, so when an instant connection occurs it’s very hard to ignore. Sometimes, an affair is simply about pure lust. You may love your partner, but it’s impossible to say that once you’ve committed to them, you’ll never feel extremely attracted to another person. Whilst you may not always choose to act on it, sometimes being with that person seems like too good an opportunity to miss and you literally can’t say no. Then there’s the added element of danger thrown in to make it all the more thrilling. If you’re drawn towards new experiences, excitement and adventure then it’s likely that this type of affair could happen in your life.

The Intimate Affair

Sometimes getting intimate isn’t about having sex. Some people have emotional and intense affairs with others that remain unconsummated but both understanding that they don’t want to jeopardise their current relationship. If not putting your relationship in jeopardy is enough of a concern to stop you acting on your baser desires then it indicates there’s something there that’s worth saving. If you’re in this type of affair, or find your partner is in one, then try talking about your concerns. For example you may feel neglected, or you may feel that the romance has dissipated, but problems like these can be remedied without the need to embark into full blown infidelity.

The Family Affair

Ever been attracted to a partner’s sibling? The chances are you answered yes. It’s not unusual to find a partner’s sibling attractive because they’ll have similarities – after all they’ll have the same genes and have been brought up by the same parents. In most cases the idea of an affair with a partner’s relative simply wouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes there’s a little more than harmless flirting going on. If you do begin to find yourself being attracted to someone who falls into this category then approach with extreme caution. This kind of affair can affect an awful lot of people if it’s detected, not simply you and your respective partners, so you really have to ask yourself whether it’s worth causing all that hurt. In a family situation it’s very hard to forgive and forget because the chances are you’ll still need to have contact with the person you cheated with, which inevitably means that often the only answer to an affair like this being discovered is to split form your partner.