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Channel 4’s “Mating Season” is in full swing, gaining a lot of attention and opening the world of adult dating up to the masses.

The fantastic team at Channel 4 have produced a series of original and deeply entertaining programmes on “Modern Dating in the 21st century” including a special nine-part drama and a series of documentaries taking a light hearted but insightful look at real life stories of finding love on and off-line, (How to Find Love Online, First Dates and Why Am I Still Single?) be sure not to miss them.

One the most talked about programmes in Channel 4’s line up, so far, has been “How To Find Love Online”, presented by Dawn O’Porter. A look into 25 peoples interactions with online dating websites and following their progress throughout their experience.

“Dawn O’Porter presents the definitive guide to online dating, the biggest phenomenon in our collective love lives since the contraceptive pill”
– Channel 4

In last nights episode of “How To Find Love Online” (Tuesday 25th June), was privileged enough to be featured in one of the shows segments, in which Dawn learns about and explains a specialist dating area catering for those looking for “Affairs”.

Dawn takes a look at what is available on our site and creates an account, where she discovers just how many people in her own local area are registered and willing to have an affair or some no-strings-attached fun!

With no surprise to us, she was amazed by the amount of people she found willing and ready almost right around her.

She noticed the difference between “normal” dating sites and typical adult affair sites like our own, stating, in a round about way, that the images and descriptions were far more to the point and detailed the kind of “fun” they were looking for without any commitment. To say she looked amused and maybe just a little interested herself was an understatement 😉

We love Channel 4’s “Mating Season”, there are truly some fantastic and thoroughly entertaining programmes lined up and we hope you can enjoy them too, to find out more about Channel 4’s new line-up check out the links below.

Our favorite show in the line-up – Series 1
( is discussed at the 30 minute point. )

Channel 4’s “Mating Season”